How a Corporate Gift is Helpful to Generate ROI!
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How a Corporate Gift is Helpful to Generate ROI!

The holidays, events or meetings, and other occasions are the appropriate time to offer gifts to your clients and customers. Giving your recipients the branded and quality gifts will help to boost ROI (Return on Investment) and ensure that they will remember it positively for a long time. ROI analyses the profits against the costs or financial investment.

Many businessmen make a significant investment during the holiday’s program to purchase the original and useful products for their clients. These products imprint with the company’s logo design and a catchy tagline. By receiving such valuable gifts, the employees and clients will significantly increase their motivation towards work.

But in this, the selection of gifts recognizes as the main subject while planning to offer gifts. With a little forethought and planning, a business can turn the results in a greater ROI, a more powerful impression, and a more memorable experience. This write-up will give information about how corporate gifts help to generate ROI in detail.

Table of Contents:

●      Offer Gifts with Correct Size

●      Encourage Customers Through Call-to-Action

●      Low Cost & Highly Efficient

●      Add Special Discounts, Coupons, & Promo Codes

●      Improved Brand Recognition

●      Attract New & Repeat Customers

  • Offer Gifts with Correct Size

Giving preference to right-sized corporate gifts will capture the interest of the target audience. The perfect examples of such gifts are t-shirts, branded pens, custom coffee mugs, tech gadgets, etc. These types of promotional gifts are branded with the company’s logo, which provides the advantage of generating thousands of impressions when used in public.

Sending the correct size of gifts to recipients accordingly will help to generate high ROI. Many business owners purchase right-sized products with a smaller investment in regards to offer these gifts to employees. When these recipients receive these gifts, they appreciate it and significantly increase their encouragement towards work. In the end, this thing will generate a high revenue when all the employees show their full dedication and interest.

  • Encourage Customers Through Call-to-Action

People usually love free stuff. A study shows that 60% of people who receive free gifts form a more positive impression of the giver’s brand and are more likely to do business with them. However, in regards to measuring some clear metrics for your ROI, encouraging your recipients to take a reciprocal action after receiving the gifts. Therefore, adding a convincing call-to-action button on your various social media pages and the website will increase traffic and generate overall sales.  If a customer will receive a personalized and useful item through a call-to-action button, then he/she will make deeper, emotional associations with your brand.

  • Low Cost & Highly Efficient

The promotional business gifts are an aggressive marketing campaign that most business owners used for generating high revenues. It is also a cost-effective way to achieve marketing goals with grace and deliver great value to overall investment. Moreover, most suppliers and distributors offer quality and products at affordable prices, which in turn are highly efficient for the business. There is a huge availability of marketing campaigns in the market like digital and social media marketing. Offering branded promotional gifts through these marketing campaigns can increase awareness and traffic. This will in result increase the overall ROI of the business.

  • Add Special Discounts, Coupons, & Promo Codes

Price promotions are the most common type of promotional activity to generate ROI. These are simple and low-cost to use, require minimal additional staff and minimal time resources for training. Coupons are a type of promotions that allow the buyer to buy goods at a discount. Coupons are comparable in mechanics with conventional trade marketing campaigns to reduce the price of goods at a retail outlet. It attracts new customers, new traffic, makes it easy to announce a promotional campaign. The most effective methods of such stimulating marketing are, distribution of coupons by mail, in magazines, in the packaging of products, in advertising; provision of electronic promotional codes in online trading.

  • By Improving Brand Recognition

The consumers immediately identify your business when they see the company’s logo on them. This will increase the recognition of your brand. Promotional gifts are a great way to promote your business in the market. People usually keep such products for long periods of time, which are also seen by a lot of people several times. That’s why corporate gifts are known for brand memorability and your business will reward when customers recognize them while shopping. This will also help to generate ROI.

  • Attract New & Repeat Customers

It is equally important to acquire new customers and maintain a relationship with existing customers or repeat customers. But, why would they love coming back? According to a study, repeat orders by regular customers can increase the revenue of business by 16%. Therefore, in regards to maintaining those relationships, consider sending some free items with a short and personal message to your customers.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned points conclude that corporate gifts are cost-effective and relevant to the business to increase the leads. So, whether it is part of a direct mail campaign, a gift to loyal clients or an exhibition freebie, promotional gifts are a fantastic way to gain exposure, engage with your clients and hence impact positively on your ROI.

Author Bio

Christiana Jones is a marketing manager cum writer at Promosource Australia. It’s Australia’s based popular corporate gifts and promotional products supplier company. She loves to write about creative gifts ideas related to Businesses, business branding, much more topics.

How a Corporate Gift is Helpful to Generate ROI!

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