Here’s Why Your Business Can’t Entirely Rely On Social Media

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Business and social media have been tied in the gut for several years since social networking sites have optimized their sites to cater to businesses’ monetizing needs. Social media has been a go-to for companies in terms of ad campaigns and marketing themselves. And rightfully so, it has been effective and has helped businesses grow through increasing their online presence via social media.

The positives have been well established, but it is not the case all the time on the flip side. There are also downsides to social media that can affect your business. Here are the reasons why your business should not entirely rely on social media:

Organic reach is a challenge.

One of the best benefits of social media is that it is free. Businesses can post promotional content without the site prompting them to pay. But with the constant changes in social media platforms, connecting with your target audience becomes increasingly challenging.

The problem, especially for small businesses, is that they will eventually have to pay for ads to boost their posts for a wider reach, and paying for ads doesn’t necessarily translate to income.

You don’t own the platform.

Understand this: you are merely using their space to promote your business which means, your customers are also their customers. The social media site controls what they see on it and what they can do. Plus, when problems occur on the social media site you are using, it will disrupt the flow of work of your marketing team. You can’t post if there is ongoing site maintenance.

Creating a website is still the best option for your business. Social media is where you should generate your leads, converted them to website visits to bring up your email list for email marketing purposes.

SEO trouble

If your business uses search engine optimization as part of your marketing strategy, then heavily leaning on social media is a bad idea. SEO is about measuring whether your strategy is effective. Google detecting data from social media can be a long shot since they only show a small percentage of social media on their search results because social media content is only visible on search engines when they follow their flow.

These are the obstacles that your business faces when using social media. Be sure to keep this in mind while planning your marketing strategy. Having an effective social media marketing strategy requires a diverse approach. A diverse marketing strategy is the best strategy.

As the saying goes: “Don’t put your eggs in one basket.” It’s better to have a marketing strategy centered on addressing and weathering constant changes in social media.

Author’s Bio:

Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who is also passionate about SEO, social media, and digital marketing. He’s frequently invited to company training and seminars to give talks about cultivating one’s digital marketing strategies.

Here’s Why Your Business Can’t Entirely Rely On Social Media

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