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Walking down the street in any city around the world means you are likely to see at least one person using their cellphone. It’s people’s first port of call when they wish to keep in touch with work and friends; they might use it to find a location; they might use it to order food through an app. The possibilities are many.

Crucially though, many use their phone in today’s world to make a decision about where they will buy something be that a product or a service. They might look up on Google for local restaurants and from that decide to visit the restaurant. They will have seen the restaurant on Google and if the listing had nice images and a good review rating it might have swayed them to visit. However what if the listing had no contact details and it didn’t outline when its opening hours were and there were no images? The person searching would likely be unsatisfied and would likely choose another restaurant.

That’s why it’s so important in today’s highly connected world to keep something as “basic” as your Google My Business listing 100% updated and optimized.

The guys at Storetraffic have put together this infographic below which is everything you need in order to get it all sorted and looking perfect for all those potential customers. They detail how to claim your listing if you haven’t already done that; it details five ways to optimize the listing; it explains how to deal with the possibility of negative reviews and it also features some solid advice on moving forward with your business listing.

Check it out below!

Google My Business for Retailers

Google My Business for Retailers

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