Google Business for Local SEO

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Google Business for Local SEO

In this edition of Badass Marketing, Mike Doherty and Angela Dunz tackled the importance of Google Business for local SEO and its impact on businesses. They covered various topics and chapters, discussing everything from finding the right service providers to the influence of generative AI on Google search and website traffic.

Importance of Google Business for Local SEO

Mike and Angela emphasized how crucial having a Google Business profile is for local businesses. Keeping the profile updated with current testimonials can greatly influence rankings, while the hyper-local focus of search can offer immediate gratification to consumers seeking nearby businesses. They also highlighted the significance of certifications and testimonials in validating a professional’s skills and expertise, helping consumers make better choices when choosing a practitioner.

Finding a Rolfer for Physical Therapy and Rehab

Angela shared her experience finding a physical therapy and rehab specialist using platforms like Yelp and Google. The discussion covered the importance of having certifications and testimonials in choosing the right practitioner. Angela’s positive experience of leaving the therapy without pain and improved motion showcased the benefits of thorough research.

Impact of Google Business on Local Businesses

Mike and Angela delved into the advantages of having a Google Business page for local businesses. Increased visibility and customer engagement were highlighted as some of the major benefits. They stressed the importance of accurate information, such as business hours and pictures, directly impacting customer experience. They also debunked the myth that bad reviews can be fatal for a business, as businesses can learn and grow from feedback.

The Impact of Generative AI on Google Search

We discussed how generative AI revolutionizes people searching for information, affecting businesses and service providers. They explained how having a Google Business page is vital for service providers to appear in local search results and Google Maps.

The Impact of Generative AI on Traffic and Metrics

Mike and Angela explored the potential decline in referral traffic due to generative AI, highlighting the need to understand conversion rates and focus on business metrics rather than vanity metrics. They also speculated that generative AI might lead to higher conversion rates, as visitors are more likely to be further along in the sales funnel.

Importance of an Omnichannel Approach

Mike emphasized the importance of being present on all channels to ensure visibility to clients, tailoring the messaging according to the target audience’s preferences. Angela and Mike discussed the significance of a Google Business page for businesses relying on local search while considering other platforms for reaching a broader audience.

Importance of Google Business for Local and Global Businesses

Mike and Angela highlighted how Google Business benefits both hyper-local and global businesses. Accurate information, including business hours and pictures, was vital for a positive customer experience. They emphasized the importance of soliciting client reviews to build trust and credibility.

The Role of Google in Service Provider Marketing

While acknowledging the importance of having a Google presence for service providers, Mike and Angela cautioned that word of mouth and referrals might be more effective for finding clients. Nevertheless, having a Google profile can help validate information about a service provider, making it a valuable aspect of service provider marketing.

Action Items:

  • Mike will ensure their Google Business page is up-to-date, with accurate business hours and accessible information.
  • Angela will research to find a suitable physical therapy and rehab specialist.
  • Mike will implement an omnichannel approach to reach diverse audiences and analyze the traffic sources.

Key Questions:

  • What are the patterns of cycles and ebbs and flows that impact Google Business page performance?
  • How can businesses adapt to the decline in referral traffic caused by generative AI, and what strategies can they employ to leverage its potential benefits?
  • How can community building be effectively utilized as an omnichannel opportunity to foster brand loyalty and customer engagement?

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