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Most of us tend to look for controlling our lives as per our own whims and fancies. We tend to attach ourselves to outcomes, with we want to push for things to happen in the manner we wish them to. Our ultimate desire to run the show is what makes us a control freak.

The reality is that things go rather more swimmingly once we permit them to happen by themselves rather than “creating” them to happen. When we start to trust the power of destiny and allow the circumstances to take their own charge, we open ourselves to good prospects for us. These prospects are the ones that usually lead us to the “right” path. Usually, at times, we try to urgently find the solution that doesn’t seem to serve the purpose and hence leads to anxiety. Letting go of the feeling of controlling every little thing means additional joy, freedom, and a lot of peace. Here are some ways that would allow us to embrace the art of surrender to the present.

  • Write down your dreams and aspirations.

Your present and its positive energy conquer all your worries. With the present, you’re ready to embrace the feeling of something definite. By clasping this feeling, you develop an unsaid trust between yourself and your destiny that triumphs worry.

  • Make yourself acquainted with reality.

With the baggage of your worries, you live within the future, which is out of your control. In that way, you’re already attaching yourself to certain expectations that may lead to huge disappointments. Therefore, specialize in grounding yourself. For instance, worrying about whether you will get that esteemed Assignment writing contract after 4 weeks will not make you get that.

  • Our own imagination doesn’t let us face reality.

When you imagine yourself attempting to climb the steepest mountain, you tend to invest a lot of energy into something that is not definite to happen. It takes away a lot of you in terms of energy and time. Stop controlling that. Embrace the liberty that comes with the breeze of the present and let destiny do its part.

  • Always trust your own self.

Trust means having a belief. A belief in honoring and respecting your own self. This is often noticed being shaken upon wherever your self-worth comes in. Do not let that happen to you.

  • Understand what scares you the most

Pen down the things that make you worry. Pour your heart out, jot the things down, and get rid of them. Stop being afraid of what is going to happen next. Embrace the future.

  • Ask someone to guide you.

You have not been placed in this world to be felt alone. This habit of controlling the scenario leads to suffocation, which tends to create a void within yourself. Do not let that situation overpower your confidence. Seek support from someone you can trust. Someone who can help you in getting out of that worrying space.

I hope this article helps. I wish you good luck.

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Flexibility Takes You Places

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