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Faster The Signup, More The Registrations

Having an eCommerce store but are unable to achieve the targets? People are visiting but not registering on your online store? Want more registrations? Of Course, you do. So, looking for any ways for the same? I’ll tell you!

The solution is within your design and content itself. The way you show off your signup form matters the most in the number of people signing up to your online store. It is nothing to get panic if you do not have good signup process and receive fewer registrations at the end of the month, you are not the only with the same problem.

Faster The Signup, More The Registrations


The signup form is the first thing that would be encountered by any visitor at your store. On an average, a visitor spends 15 seconds on any website. There are thousands of websites out there to compete with you when it comes to design and content or any other sector. Your website design must take the visitors where they want to go and grab their attention in the best possible way or else you will lose the visitors as well. Visitors might have visited your website from various sources like searching on Google, through social media campaigns, a referring website or ad campaigns. The moment when a person turns into the visitor, the whole journey of conversion begins. You must make all your efforts to turn the visitor into the customer during this conversion journey.

The key to ending up this journey with a registration is to have a quick signup process. While signup, every customer need to provide certain personal information while signing up, hence they won’t directly sign up on your store by seeing your design and customer friendly sign up the process. Your website must be trustworthy as well. It should create a level of trust so that the visitor trusts you and provide every personal information asked for.

There are various things that can make the visitor return back without registration. Avoid the following things in order to reach to your registration target.


  • Ask For The Information That Is Necessary
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We might have encountered certain websites where they ask for every information like First name, Last name, DOB, City, Landmark, Pincode, Email Address, Phone number, How did you get to Know about them, and a lot more things. This may seem like a lead generation form instead of the registration form. This makes your visitor irritate and ultimately leave the page without signing up.

And you don’t want it Right? Hence, instead of asking for so much information from them, you can simply ask them for the email/phone and password. Keep them away from optional fields, just put the required fields in the signup form.

Mainly if you want to increase email subscribers, only email address and subscribe button can make them get the updates at your store through email and you can reach the targeted audience.


  • Give Back For Signing Up


Consider the signup process as a transaction, provide the visitors with certain offers such as a discount on their shopping or other shopping discounts. Your signup form can come with an offer for them which would say “Fill up the form for a free gift of $10”. This would motivate the visitor to register and signup for your website.

When designing the signup form, make sure you mention the reason for the visitors to register on your website. Have a clear value proposition mentioned along with privacy policy of the eCommerce store. Some stats say this kind of sign up forms can create 35% more conversions on your website. This happens because most of the visitors come through Google search and the search terms match the offer of the form. When offer matches your user motivation, chances of conversion increases.

You can also include certain information like what would happen after their registration. For an instance, you can offer them free delivery on their first order or you can even offer the free trial.


  • Avoid Complicated Captcha and Other Complex Verification
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Captchas are sometimes one of the greatest reasons behind high bounce rates on the websites. Ever noticed those captchas which will firstly let the visitor gets one click verification with the letters “I Am Not A Robot” but then after clicking on the button, there comes a variety of verifications which is time-consuming and leads to the loss of users. A study shows that about 30% of the visitors fail in captcha as they are very hard to figure out. Forms with complicated captchas are generally ignored by the visitors of online stores.

Also, avoid the clear fields button. Nobody would like to clear the details of themselves that they have spent a lot of time filling in. If after filling the form, they accidentally click on a clear field, they will lose the data they filled and won’t start over again. This will have a higher loss of visitors on your online store.

At the end, I would only like to say make sure your form is responsive both on the desktop as well as mobile. Responsive websites have nowadays become the most basic thing for any eCommerce website. Make all possible efforts to convert your visitors into subscribers. As the title itself says, Always keep short and relevant signup forms on your eCommerce stores. Follow these things and meet your registration targets soon.

Author Bio:

The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies, a professional Magento Development Company & global IT consulting firm. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.


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