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eMail Marketing Trends in 2019

Email marketing (personal emails from the company to the client) is one of the oldest online promotion channels and a great tool for attracting customers.

The newsletter does not offer the customer to buy something straight away but invites him/her to become familiar with the product, and this reduces the number of negative reactions and increases the credibility of the company. In addition, it provides transitions to the company’s website, and the seller gets the opportunity to work with “heated” consumers.

To get the most out of email marketing, let us look at the trends that will affect it in 2019.

Interactive letters

Interactive emails lead email-marketing trends. Due to the game interaction conversion increases significantly. Next year the trend will only strengthen. Also in some cases, interactivity allows the client to play the game, answer questions, and place an order without going to the site, directly in the letter.

Minimalism in design

eMail Marketing Trends in 2019

Minimalism is a trend caused by the lack of time and the satiety of the many communication channels that are breaking our attention.

Many popular mailings use 2–3 calm colors, almost no illustrations, or decorative fonts.

In mailing lists with a minimalist design, you will not get lost in the navigation inside the letter, such letters are also easy to adapt to mobile devices. Minimalism is well suited to newsletters that are sharpened by the text: announcements, news reports, digests, reviews. However, it is not suitable for letters from online stores!

Mobile layout

The percentage of users who prefer mobile email is growing every year. In 2019, the layout of mailing for mobile devices is a prerequisite for a successful email strategy. Fast Internet is already everywhere and phones can do a lot now – you can watch videos, make purchases and access websites directly from emails easily. You cannot lose sight of the huge number of users of mobile phones, tablets, gadgets.

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GIF time

There is increasingly more GIF-animation in the letters. The main thing is to ensure that due to the use of several such elements, the letters do not become too heavy.

For example, for a client to watch a video, a picture frame with a YouTube or GIF icon superimposed over a few seconds of this video will work well.

Less social networks

Links to social networks in the list will be less and less used. The “Share on social networks” buttons in the footers of letters contain almost no transitions, now social networks are often not worth the effort that people put into them.

In addition, an appeal by name in the subject line will disappear. All already know this technique, and it no longer brings good results.

Segmentation and personalization

Companies should devote more time and attention to the segmentation and personalization of letters. A very big mistake is not to use the data on the behavior of your customers and to act in the old manner by the method of mass “bombardment”.

The focus will be shifted from standard marketing mailings to various triggers and involving series, and various services are now available for this.

Mail microsites

Mail microsites are letters that include elements of navigation and design typical of sites.

Mail systems are beginning to support more and more HTML tags and CSS properties, and, accordingly, layout designers have begun to create convenient navigation menus right in the letters.

Email for people with disabilities

Mailings are adapted to reach an audience of people with health problems.

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For example:

  • Versions for the visually impaired – text versions of letters are created that can be read by the robot; Alt-tags are placed on the pictures so that readers understand the meaning of the images in the letter;
  • For those who do not distinguish colors – increase the contrast of elements (for example, text and background).
  • For people suffering from epilepsy – remove the GIF-animation with bright colors, flashes and a sharp change of colors.

In other words, several flavors of one letter will be needed and in the mailing settings, the client will be able to choose which content s/he wants to receive.


the author: Melisa Marzett is a fervent fan of writing, reading, communicating, positive thinking, yoga, and traveling. She has been to England, Istanbul, and Sri-Lanka planning on visiting Egypt next time. Working for custom essay writing from bigessaywriter.com as a writer, she also works as a translator and composes songs. In addition, to learn how to play the piano and to learn German are on her agenda.

eMail Marketing Trends in 2019


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