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Email Marketing on Facebook: How does it work?

Time to launch email marketing on Facebook! With the sure purpose of mitigating the effects of the pandemic on the markets, Mark Zuckerberg’s team has done it again.

What could be happening is that Facebook, after years of working in the media, has found a way to dive deeper into e-commerce. The COVID-19 pandemic has finally given Facebook the necessary momentum to take the next step. This is the possibility of creating email marketing campaigns on Facebook to improve the functionality of your stores.

What does Facebook say?

A few years ago, Facebook announced the launch of ‘Shops’ or ‘Shops.’ He indicated through his CEO that “on Facebook, we have seen that people come to our platform, not only to connect with friends and family. But also with products and brands.

A survey suggested that almost half of people go to Facebook to search for products actively. Indicating that most of them discover new products in the News, Pages, and Groups sections. ”

Both the creation of ‘Shops’ and the arrival of email marketing on Facebook makes sense. Above all, if we evaluate that more and more people use mobile phones to connect with brands.

However, often, those online shopping experiences using mobile phones are frustrating. And they are so for users as well as for brands. This is because many companies have not yet optimized their processes to make the mobile shopping experience viable.

Email marketing on Facebook will allow the commercial efforts of businesses within the platform to be focused. Which could represent a favorable advance for small stores and emerging entrepreneurs? The majority of buying age audiences, financially active, continue to do so while living on Facebook.

Is email marketing on Facebook a viable option for brands?

Despite all the ongoing debates about email marketing’s effectiveness, specialists continue to hail it as one of the best strategies to drive, more expansively, brands’ ROI.

Email marketing, in particular, has become, more than anything else, individual communication between the brand and the customer.

The reason? It is directed, personalized, and designed to activate engagement. In fact, until now, email marketing has been used in an automated way based on various triggers produced by user behavior.

Email marketing on Facebook guarantees conversions.

Undoubtedly, email marketing on Facebook comes to turn the way we communicate with our audiences and capture more data about their interests and behaviors. Also, if it is analyzed well, most of the promotions by social networks belong to Facebook.

In this sense, it would be useful to generate a review of the emailing functionality. In this way, you will understand where that promise to increase ROI comes from using Facebook marketing.

An email marketing campaign is successful when we have a list of email subscribers interested in our brand. This means that you must first generate leads. For example, an excellent way to achieve this would be to build a useful landing page.

And here comes the reason why Facebook has made a master move. Social media platforms stand out above landing pages.

The new function of email marketing on Facebook will not only allow reaching a broader audience. Besides, it will enable you to use a personalized email strategy aimed at people who have connected with you through your page or store.

However, there is a caveat. And this is that your email address will have to be connected to the Facebook account that you are using to manage the page in question.

Benefits of Email Marketing (with or without Facebook)

Although Facebook has been surprised with its latest email marketing maneuver, the benefits of communication via email have some intrinsic characteristics that make it one of the best strategies to keep in touch with customers. Also, they manage to generate changes in consumer behaviors and adapt to their needs.

  • It is personalized – With email marketing, you can personalize your campaigns and create specific content. Depending on your users’ needs and characteristics, you will ensure that your message is always relevant.
  • It allows you to capitalize the data – Keeping a pulse on the customer experience is invaluable if you want your customers to continue to interact, promote, and buy your brand. Email marketing on or off Facebook can help you do this. For example, you can send surveys to measure customer satisfaction and thus extract the greatest amount of data about how audiences perceive your product or service.
  • Increase your ROI – 69% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI. Additionally, marketers using segmented campaigns see up to a 760% increase in revenue. Email marketing campaigns may feature products or services. But also encourage customers to buy after leaving their cart or delivering special offers to their customers. Additionally, 62% of social media users say that marketing emails influence their purchasing decisions.
  • Boosts the acquisition of new customers – In the same line in which email marketing on Facebook helps improve sales, it can also increase your potential customers. In fact, with the Inbound method, email marketing is used to nurture leads and improve conversions. Also, they allow you to classify the type of audience your content is receiving. Their insights, interests, how they interact with your content, how they respond to your invitations. In a powerful measure, this allows you to avoid mistakes, contribute growth to your brand, and save you time and money.
  • It allows you to arrive at the right time – Surely, you could have heard it at another time. But in marketing and, above all, it is vital to get your message across in email marketing. If you hit the frequency, you are approaching with the right message, at the right time, and to the right customer.

With email marketing, it is much easier to reach people because they always check their email. It is easy to use; they can verify it at any time and on multiple devices. Which can undoubtedly improve the success of any marketing campaign?

How does Email Marketing on Facebook work?

It’s always interesting to see Facebook take this angle. It is projecting itself as a savior for both buyers and sellers. And it does so by providing free functionality that connects the two better than they could achieve alone.

Email marketing on Facebook is precisely a link. It is like a bridge that minimizes the mistakes that businesses could be making when communicating directly with their consumers.

  • First, confirm your email address – It will have to be the same one your Facebook account is linked to. Once connected, you must manually transfer your contacts from your email database to the new function, one by one.
  • Confirm that each of the contacts in your database is available – This is extremely important. Well, motivated by the data crisis that Facebook has been facing in recent years, it is vital to specify that each of the contacts belonging to your database has authorized you to contact them through this channel. If you send messages to users who have not given their consent, it will backfire, and you could be in trouble.
  • Accept the terms of use to start the day – Once you accept the terms of use, you can create email marketing campaigns on Facebook through the “Pages” application. In it, you will get a preview of your subject line and content. This can be viewed in the lower section. This will facilitate the visibility of the extension of the scope of your emailing campaign on Facebook.

How will customers see email marketing campaigns on Facebook?

All emails you send through this process will be sent through their ‘’ email address.

This address will appear attached to your account. Even though any email contact belonging to your database must be loaded manually, be careful with this because you will not be able to use the email addresses that people have included in their Facebook profiles.

Is it available to everyone?

No. A Facebook spokesperson said in an email for the digital portal Adweek: “We are testing new email marketing tools with a small number of companies to help them more efficiently notify their customers of changes in their services and operations. We are evaluating whether these tools are beneficial to individuals and companies before deciding whether to expand them further.”

Without a doubt, Zuckerberg and his team are looking to replicate CRM systems. To do this, they are condensing them on their platform with all their marketing messages, including Facebook and Instagram ads.

All this facilitates some SMEs’ processes and creates a new risk for companies dedicated to e-commerce and email marketing.

Author Bio:- Rohit Singh is a professional Digital Marketing Expert. He is a digital nerd, and he loves sharing his thoughts through Blogger Cage. SEO, Make Money Online, WordPress SEO Tutorials, and Social Media are his prime interests.

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