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Email as a Strategy for Growing Your Blog

6 Reasons to Consider Email as a Strategy for Interacting with the Blog

Do you remember the proverb: “What is new? This is a well forgotten old. ” This proverb is an epigraph to this post.

Currently, many foreign bloggers have begun to pay increased attention to the media – e-mail, as a way to communicate with readers.

Email is back!

In fact, the email never went away – it just returned to the radar of many bloggers, after having been absent for the past few years in favor of other media (intermediaries), such as RSS feeds.

As a way of interacting with readers, RSS feeds are far from dead, but while some have seen progress in using RSS feeds and “killing mail”, many internet marketing companies now realize that maybe they shouldn’t give up on good Email.

1. Email is more accessible.

I started experimenting with e-mail after some of my relatives asked me how they could get photo updates on my blog. My story about RSS feeds obviously puzzled them. As soon as I added an email subscription option, they immediately subscribed.

If, as a way to access information on the site, you only offer a subscription via RSS, then you deliberately exclude members of my family and, probably, many other people too.

For this reason, I advise you to give people a choice of how they would like to receive updates: via RSS, via daily or weekly email, using Twitter … anyways that are relevant to your audience.

Do not forget about RSS

I do not want to say that the purpose of this post is to write off the RSS subscription. This is an amazing technology and it is still very important for the site. It also attracts traffic, contributes to making money, strengthens the brand, etc. All I want to say to bloggers is to turn your eyes to email again. The presence of several points of contact with readers enhances the ability and desire to make the site even better.

2. Email gives you good traffic.

The days on which the mailing list is sent, give the largest traffic on the site. Below is a screenshot of the statistics of site visits over a short period. Immediately noticeable on which days the newsletter is sent:

RSS feed, of course, gives traffic, but it is less. And this is understandable because most subscribers read the blog content in their readers.

3. Email Subscribers Monetize Better Than Other Page-Based Subscribers

Another positive thing on the day of the newsletter is the fact that visitors click on advertisements a little more often. It was a surprise for me because I thought that subscribers who visit the site every week turn a blind eye to advertising, but the CTR (click-through rate) on AdSense ads on the days of the newsletter mailing is rising. Below is a screenshot of the dynamics of changes in AdSense total revenue on a blog (the jumps are obvious).

4. Email converts better than other revenue streams.

On the days of the newsletter distribution, not only does AdSense revenue increase, but other monetization strategies also work well, for example:

Advertising posts. I experimented several times by posting a blog post about a product that I advertised and posting an email. In each case, the mailing reached the goal without much effort. So, I believe that the most effective promotions work in the case when you write on the blog and do the newsletter – without e-mail you just waste time.

Release products. If you have your own product that you would like to sell, then using email to advertise products is more than a useful way to promote. Again, posting a review on your blog and sending it by e-mail (and somewhere else, such as Twitter) can increase the number of sales in the future, but e-mail is crucial in sales promotion.

Selling direct advertising. Several times I sold advertising space to direct advertisers in my e-mail list and as a result, I received very good feedback from customers. An advertising campaign was conducted to promote one well-known computer brand and, according to company statistics, the most effective days in terms of sales were the days when the newsletter was sent.

5. Email affects personality and creates community

There is something in a regular e-mail list that makes visitors feel more connected with you. It is difficult to explain, but for some reason, it seems to me that getting a good e-mail message is more effective than reading a good post in the RSS reader. Everything is somehow more personal, especially.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that RSS feeds are usually read in RSS readers, where there are hundreds of competing publications, or because the email is hidden from prying eyes, or simply because the visitor shares his personal information during registration. I would not want to “shine” in public places.

I do not know why, but every week I receive emails in which people thank me for doing the newsletter for them. No one ever thanked me for the RSS feed …

Bulletins that I send out do more than drive traffic and help make money — they make people feel that they belong. To receive the newsletter by e-mail you need to register, i.e. become members of the “family”, and this is reflected in the messages they send me and in which they talk about “our site.”

6. The numbers speak for themselves

Yeah! It’s true. You won’t believe me whatever I say. But you will straight away believe in stats. One of my blogs right now has a total of 340,784 subscribers, and out of the 223,081 have subscribed by email, and the remaining – 117,703 visitors have subscribed via the RSS feed. The ratio is almost 2: 1. Although this ratio will vary from site to site (depending on the niche), I still think that on most blogs this rate will be similar, except, perhaps, for sites with a more technical/social orientation.


Even for one second, you thought that is gone then you are making a joke out of yourself. Emails are and will be the best way to communicate in pa rofessional manner. In addition to this using emails as a tool to communicate with your audience then it will be cherrt on top for you. Solving user queries using emails will help you get a more loyal audience on your blog or website. Sending and receiving mails can strengthen your relationship with daily visitors to your site. If you are not using emails than what are you waiting for and start using mail now.

Email as a Strategy for Growing Your Blog

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