Effects of Duplicate Content on SEO And Google Rankings

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Effects of Duplicate Content on SEO And Google Rankings

It is a known fact good content brings more traffic than the design or any other specifics on the website. Duplicate content does more harm than you can think. Copied content gets the lowest rating even with mentioned credits, which is justified. Duplicate content is treated differently from copied content with Google.

Content that appears on the internet in another place more than once is called “Duplicate Content.” Another area here is the URL (website address). If the twin content is on another webpage, it is duplicate content. It might not be a big deal for a penalty, but it does affect website ranking. It gets difficult for a search engine to decide which content is more reliable for the searched query.

So, even if you have good quality content, you might not be sure of a good ranking in Google. Your content might get duplicated before getting any chance of real traffic. This might become a real problem for the website. Consider getting help from SEO services in Noida in this matter. Site owner suffers rank and traffic losses because of duplicate content.

Effects of Duplicate Content on SEO And Google Rankings

Duplicate content is an issue that is making many website owners suffer. We talked about what duplicate content means. Now we need to find out how it affects SEO and Google rankings.

Google Managing Duplicate Content

There is about an infinity of content on Google. It is near impossible to know every written piece there is. If your site is famous, Google crawls and indexes it in less time. But if you publish scarcely, then Google might not even crawl it.

Google does duplicate display content on its search engine if it’s a reliable source of the made query. It could also get omitted if it spams the website regularly, meaning Google might never index it.

Not Friendly URLs Affect SEO

It would be best to keep URLs SEO-friendly; even Google recommends it. Long awkward URLs are prone to viruses, malware, and scams. It studied that the shorter URLs tend to the higher up they get.

Short and easy URLs are more likely not to harm your site. It will get easy to read and understand. It will do better for your website and make it SEO-friendly to use. SEO company in Noida suggests this is an efficient way to determine duplicate content does not get transferred to another website through URLs.

User Experience and Duplicate Content Internal Issues

Duplicate content issues are not pleasant for the user experience. If a website without reliable sources gets on top of Google users, notice it immediately. It will harm your website if not taken seriously.

An SSL certificate for a website means two forms of the website. One is HTTP, and the other is HTTPS. It might look the same, but it has another meaning for Google. They are both different URLs for a website with the same content.

Plagiarism Issue Hard to Deal

Google cannot pick content four to five times again and again. So, it chose the first one half of the time. Sometimes Google does not look at an article’s publication, leading to stealing your content even if you originally wrote it.

If you publish someone else’s content, ensure you have permission. Content curation is helpful in so many ways. Your research on something might get matched to someone else. Using your imagination and putting it together is one way you can create content worth reading. It helps in Google rankings too.

Canonical Tag for Syndicating Content

Canonical Tag for Syndicating Content

Syndicating your content is not a problem if you do not use the primary content generation method. Rel=canonical or backlink use them while you are syndicating your content. Remember not to overdo it; Google might not like to see it repeatedly.

It would be helpful if content syndication is not your main thing. Use the original URL to the canonical tag to your website. It will reassure you that other sites will not steal from your page. Use a backlink if you are not using canonical to get as nearest to the beginning.


Duplicate content might not start depleting. Now, you know how duplicate content can affect SEO and Google ranking. It might not be easy to determine what and how content gets duplicated without even knowing.

It is called SEO and works well with a secure and accessible website. Domain and URLs play a significant role in securing a site. Duplicate content is more harmful than one can think.

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