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eCommerce To Mobile Commerce: Modern Opportunity to Improve Your Business

Technologies are developing extremely fast, so shopping on the Internet site doesn’t seem as something unusual. Mobile app development is able to make online shopping even more comfortable than it is now.

Future of mobile commerce solutions

For the last few years, the number of mobile users has increased. Of course, all users prefer shopping via an e-commerce app. According to Statista, the transaction value of e-commerce will reach approximately $700 billion to the end of 2019.

E-commerce mobile apps are so comfortable and have a lot of good features that attract more and more users every day. If you are still hesitating, it’s high time to discuss the reasons to develop a shopping app for your business.

  • Users prefer mobile. It is obvious that mobile devices are going to overcome the computer as an everyday device. It happens because we carry our phones with us all the time and are able to go online anytime we want.
  • More convenient to use. Mobile apps are usually quicker than websites. Moreover, there are no ad banners or pop-ups that irritate all customers.
  • More convenient to buy. An app often has such elements as one-click ordering that can make the purchasing process faster.
  • More functionality. There are some convenient features like GPS, camera, finger scanner, etc. that bring a lot of interesting functions. For instance, GPS gives an opportunity to find the nearest shop. As for a finger scanner, it allows paying for goods in seconds.
  • Better users engagement. Push-notifications are able to inform your clients about new discounts that will increase your conversion.

As you can see an opportunity to pay faster and a lot of different features bring a lot of profit to your retail business. E-commerce mobile app development requires a  plan. After developing the plan you will be able to find out what features are important for your project.

E-commerce mobile app features

There are some features that create a minimum viable product or MVP. It provides minimum capabilities that are necessary for your customers to perform a target action.

  • It is usually done by means of direct interaction via the client-server API. Moreover, you can provide an opportunity to log under an existing account with the open authorization protocol, e.g. oAuth.
  • Settings and push notifications. It is necessary to utilize different servers for each operating system to implement push notifications. For example, creating an iOS app requires APN (Apple Push Notification) and developing an app for the Android platform refers to GCM (Google Cloud Messaging).
  • Catalog with categories. There should be an opportunity for users to limit the search results by one category (or select a product and see all the categories it is placed to). It can be done via the admin panel that was created by developers.
  • Different payment methods. There are some popular ways to pay, e.g. payment card, PayPal, direct bank transfer, cash on delivery, etc. that you need to integrate into your mobile app.
  • Tracking purchase. It’s important to let users see the status of their order. It’s good to inform clients with SMS or other notifications when their order is sent, processed, delivered, etc. It can be done with the use of such services like Twilio, Clickatell and so on.
  • Shopping cart. This feature is vital for users because gives an opportunity to add items to the basket while surfing the app. In order to implement this feature in your app, it’s necessary to use a JavaScript function. It is able to call your web service in the background utilizing AJAX.
  • Customer support. You can help your customers make a decision via email, online chat, or even phone. There is a good opportunity of implementing ready mechanisms into your app. The last solution is a chatbot that works quite good and costs less.

Additional e-commerce app features

These features are able to put your competitors out of the business. So, it’s high time to discuss them.

  • Comparison feature. Ability to compare goods means that each item has a list of specific characteristics and a user is able to select their value. These should be kind of ‘comparison basket’ where customers can put their products. After that, they need to have an opportunity to press ‘compare selected products’ in order to see the page that contains a combined list of characteristics.
  • Part payment. This feature requires concluding the agreement with the monetary institutions that can offer credits.
  • Shopping assistant. Artificial intelligence algorithm is the most effective one but, of course, there are several options that you can use.
  • Currency converter. The integration of this function attracts foreign customers to your app because shopping for them will be easy and convenient. It is possible to put this function using such services as XE, Fixer.io, etc.
  • It gives users an opportunity to put desirable things and postpone the purchase. There is a great chance that they return to your app knowing that the product is on the Wishlist. Moreover, you are able to inform your clients about any changes happened to this item, for example, price, availability, etc.
  • Gift card. A simple option that extends functionality. So, your customers are able to give gifts to each other. A gift card should have a unique ID that defines an amount of money for spending.
  • Virtual fitting room. Virtual reality has already affected our life. Of course, its implementation brings a lot of profit for your business.

Shopping applications give a lot of opportunities for e-commerce business. There are a lot of interesting features that can be implemented in your app. Mobile apps are gaining more and more popularity, so it’s high time to develop your own.

eCommerce To Mobile Commerce: Modern Opportunity to Improve Your Business

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