eCommerce Development and Ongoing Support

We built our first online store in 2006.  It was a Yahoo store, and it was our first foray into eCommerce.  We made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot along the way.  We probably tried every “Get Rich Quick” Internet scam offered.  It was a considerable undertaking launching that first store with over 3,000 SKUs. And that was only the beginning.  SEO, Community Marketing, and email marketing were just the tip of the iceberg.  Ugh!

If you found the right keyword and stuffed it into your content in those days, you could quickly secure a top placement on organic search.  Now, the only way to gain visibility is to buy it, or is it? We work with our clients to find the right combination of organic and paid search to reach their target demographic optimally, whether it’s building a stand-alone store or integrating your products into platforms like Amazon, Facebook, or Instagram.

A lot has changed since then, go figure.  Smartphones, mobile apps, SMS, and so much more have changed the eCommerce landscape. Everything we build is responsive and designed to offer the best user experience regardless of the access device. Further, we help integrate payment processors such as Android Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal so that your customers know their shopping experience is safe and secure.

eCommerce Development and Ongoing Support

eCommerce Development and Ongoing Support

We build primarily on four platforms – 

  • AgilIron Integrated eCommerce Platform – Designed to integrate with multiple sites and your POS system – Quickly and easily integrates with Intuit QuickBooks ®, MS Office ® Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, ShipStation, and more.
  • Magento – Magento offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions designed to help businesses grow and succeed online.
  • Shopify – Shopify handles everything from marketing and payments to secure checkout and shipping.
  • WooCommerce – A fully customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built for WordPress.

Selling products online requires a professional e-commerce website that is easy to navigate and trusted by consumers.

Digital Media Marketing is committed to bringing dreams to life. Our team works with you to customize your site to build a relationship between the business and your customers. Our team of experts focuses on getting you from design to checkout.

  • Building – branding, creating, and strategizing.
  • Growing – marketing, interacting, and developing.
  • Converting – SEO, content, and analytics.

Our job is to help you enhance your products and services by offering your clients the best user experience. We design a secure, user-friendly eCommerce experience intended to create a user-friendly shopping experience that ultimately results in successful checkouts. Our strategies lay the groundwork to ensure your company’s business will prosper.



WordPress Site

Email Accounts

SSL Certifcate

Daily Backup - 90 Day Storage

Daily Security Scan

Google Analytics

Updates Plugins/Themes

Social Media Integration

Content Updates



Content Development 

Google Adwords and PPC



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Payable monthly

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Where’s the signup button?

There is no signup button. That’s not how we work. We offer a FREE consultation to understand your business needs. This isn’t about trying to upsell you to a more expensive package; it’s about taking the time to understand what your business needs. Maybe it’s not us, but it’s a referral to one of our partners (still win-win), or you need additional services to complement our work like a photographer or graphic designer. Our #1 priority is to help you succeed. Not because we are nice (we are) – but because we understand if you do a good job for you, we will earn your repeat business and refer your business associates to us. Like I said – Win-Win.

Schedule a FREE, no-obligation call today – [email protected]

No Long Term Contracts – 

We bill month to month. If you don’t like our service or things change (we’ll be sad – we really like most of our clients, except for… we all have one, eh?), you can cancel at any time.

Sounds too good to be true* –

OK, OK – there are a few catches. In the basic plan, we will set up your website for free (sort of). We will build a WordPress website of 5 pages, optimize it for search, backups, and security. If you need more than 5 pages, that’s cool, but each additional page or blog post requires a one-time $50 setup fee. With the premier package, 10 pages are included.

Newsletters include 1,000 subscribers for free. Beyond that, there is a fee.

Beyond that, let’s build this thing.

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

We know it takes more than a pretty home page to launch a successful site. We emphasize planning, research, and critical analysis. And once it’s launched, we work with you to develop the content, optimize the site and convert the traffic to paying customers. But it does not stop there.

We have to go where your potential clients are – maybe it’s Facebook or Linkedin or Quora or TikTok. We ensure all of your products integrate with the appropriate social media channel(s). We need to develop content strategies. We have to integrate offline events like conferences or networking into our overall marketing. Whether it’s thought leadership or branding, we work with you to give a voice to your message and make sure it is shared on the channels they frequent.

Our Approach 

  • Build – Whether you have a small or large business, we design scalable digital solutions for small catalogs or thousands of products. If you are looking for Digital Marketing solutions that are easy to manage and have superb functionality, look no further because we’ve got you covered.
  • Grow – Inbound Marketing & Communication Strategies are about filling the funnel – driving traffic to your site.  You have spent the time and money to build a great site; now we want to tell the world to come to visit.  How do we engage your target audience?  Are they on Facebook?  Are they tweeting? Or are we talking about a good old newsletter?  Sometimes, we don’t know.  So we try different tactics, and we measure the response.  We call this A/B testing. The Growth Effort focuses on helping our clients “reach” their target audience with brand messages via content marketing, display, and other tactics.
  • Convert – You’ve built the site, launched the store, and have plenty of visitors – but no sales.  How do you convert your visitors into customers? We work with you to not only fill the funnel but help you use best practices to move them from a warm lead to a paying customer.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Observe, Orientate, Decide, Act – or in Agile we call it Plan, Do, Check, Act – the point is to measure or observe what is going on, the respond accordingly for a better outcome. So, we establish metrics or KPIs to understand what is working, what isn’t, and what needs to change. Many projects start with a fair degree of uncertainty, so we follow Agile methodologies to deliver value and reduce risks.

And we measure, measure, measure. The metrics offer a non-emotional direction to move forward.

The success of Understanding eCommerce is directly connected to the success of our clients. Our clients may not have a full technical understanding of websites, code, and search engine optimization. Still, they should always be informed, understand the logic behind the design or SEO efforts, and feel they can ask questions on any understanding level.

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DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES for Digital Marketing

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Understanding eCommerce – with offices in Barcelona, Berlin, and San Francisco – has developed quality websites since 2003, providing services including content development, social media marketing, email marketing, Google Adwords/PPC, branding, and SEO/SEM services.

In this day and age, sending content to your webmaster and waiting for them to get around to it is unacceptable.  We are tweeting, updating Facebook, posting to Instagram – so why should it take two weeks for you to update your website?  Our websites offer a simple dashboard allowing you to update content if you can cut and paste.  Click a button, and you can add an image or upload a new video.  And of course, in line with Web 2.0, everything integrates with your social media platforms.

Many folks believe that you can build it, and they will come – we know better, and so should you.  Many of our clients come to us with beautiful sites and no traffic.  And even worse – no sales.  We understand that your site needs to be attractive and informative – but it is a tool, not the end goal.  We work with our clients to understand why they are building sites – increase sales, increase visibility – we help craft a Call to Action, and ultimately we measure.  We measure everything.  It’s the only way we know if it’s working.  In technical terms, what is your ROI – Return on Investment.

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eCommerce Development and Ongoing Support

Omnichannel eCommerce for Top Selling Online Products

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