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2022 will be a big year for the eCommerce industry as we have noticed growth in mobile traffic. More and more customers use mobile devices to shop for goods and services. Ecommerce sites have to focus on the checkout part because if a user finds problems at checkout, they will leave the cart. That condition is popularly known as shopping cart abandonment. With the perfect marketing mix and good checkout practices, businesses can easily engage customers and increase conversions. Nobody likes to fill out lengthy checkout/registration forms, so it is always wise to only ask for the required fields.

Ecommerce Checkout Practices for Maximum Conversions [Infographic]



Here we have an infographic from Syncline that revolves around the best eCommerce checkout practices for maximum conversions.

Shopping cart abandonment is a problem faced by many eCommerce stores. In a recent report, the average cart abandonment rate is 68.63%. If you are an eCommerce merchant, you might have experienced this situation or will soon be sharing it. You can’t ignore this situation, or you’ll run the risk of missing out on potentially new and repeated customers. Therefore, we will walk you through the practices that should be adopted to maximize conversions.

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