Drone Delivery: The Future of eCommerce
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Drone Delivery: The Future of eCommerce

For those of you that are under twenty-eight years of age, the internet has existed your entire lives. However, it was only until 1991 when the internet was open to the public. On that specific day emerged something that changed the entire world. That being said, this was the very beginning of the eCommerce industry. It’s evident that we have come a long way.

Currently, the eCommerce industry is growing at an exponential rate and its catalyst is the rapid advancement of technology. Everything has become more convenient not only for consumers but for retailers as well. Now that consumers are able to purchase products with the simple press of a button and retailers able to receive that information in real-time has truly changed the eCommerce industry. However, there is another factor that will revamp the eCommerce industry. That is the integration of self-driving technology. This is no longer a figment of our imagination anymore, it is here and it’s working. Major corporations are taking notice and finding new and innovative ways to incorporate that technology into their business. As a result, the use of delivery drones is on the horizon.

Retailers such as Amazon, UPS, and Dominos are already taking advantage of this technology. Believe it or not, items such as morning espressos, pizzas, and organs for life-saving transplants have already reached their destinations. However, the commercial use of these delivery drones hasn’t been granted yet. Integrating such complex technology takes time and there are hurdles and procedures retailers must abide by to limit risks and quiet the concerns from the general public.

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The sheer number of government regulations for commercial use, skepticism from the general public and package security are only some of the many concerns that these retailers must take into consideration. The commercial use of delivery drones is just around the corner. Take a look at this infographic created by Wikibuy for more in-depth knowledge of how your business can utilize delivery drones when the time is right.

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Drone Delivery: The Future of eCommerce

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