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Does your brand have an effective visual brand identity?

Or you are looking for a perfect solution to make your brand visuality strong among your customers?

Your search stop here, we have collected some of the best and basic fundamentals which must be the focus to make your brand eye catchy.

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One must know that brand identity is more than just visual. Your brand identity will actually have an impact on your client. It expresses the way your brand is being exposed and it will attract them to get in contact with you. What comes down to telling your brand’s story is the messaging system, the design, the color, and the strategy. Your audience will surely define your brand, the way it looks and everything else visually.

To make your brand identity pop, here are some tips.


Using more than 3/4 typefaces will make it look clumsy. Make sure you use a set of combinations. It can also be similar to your brand logo, but u don’t really have to.

For building a brand identity, your font identification will be very much helpful and moreover will make it easier if you have them downloaded in your PC.

You need to make sure of the fact that one cannot use a stylish/classy font for a business or even real estate purpose. It will make it look funny and the clients will feel it’s silly. It’s important to keep them in that and not make it more attractive and divert them from the information your brand is giving.


A logo is the face of your brand which is one of the easiest ways to visually identify. It is said to be a symbol which reminds the clients of your brand just at a glimpse. Take, for example, YouTube, Snapchat or even Facebook. Their logo’s make a clear stand for their identification. This makes it popular and stands alone as a brand maker. For bringing a brand identity, your logo should never be too detailed as well very busy. The more simple it is, the more attractive it will be. Your logo can be either with or without a graphic element or can be simply enclosed within a certain shape or design. For special occasions, you can also create a monogram which can replace it during those times in order to grab special attention from your clients.

Colour palette

We spoke about the font and the logo, now let’s see on how a color palette can rule the world. Colour can be played so well with one another until they merge well and give you a perfect blend of your brand’s logo. First, know what your brand is all about and then your color should speak it out. Colors bring out different emotions and as you know everybody has their own favorite. Don’t think every logo has come out perfect at first try itself. Don’t hesitate to try a sample palette first. Then try creating another one for a secondary check. Make sure it defines the brand well and don’t go too rainbow bright as well.


If your brand invokes a bright yellow palette and talks about something to do with the sun, then make sure you imagine some figure for your image. Your image should be neat and should consider the lifestyle and the branding well. If it evokes a calm, white and clean palette then the image should also give a sense of peace for your brand. If you download a stock image, you need to make sure it suits your palette. First, know what your brand speaks and then decide on how/what kind of imagery you need to produce. As images consider your brand’s importance and seem to be catchy at the same time, they need not be really used. You can instead draw on your own or create a watercolor illusion and much more to make it as effective as an image.

Now, you know what you need and what has to be done in order to make your brand visually identified. Work on it carefully and building a brand identity of your own in new, easy ways. Learn more about how this thing is played with the other brands as well. That will give you a clear picture. Create a new look and slay it all.

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Best Brand Creation Agency, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..

Does your brand have an effective visual brand identity?


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