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Does visual content have an impact on website rank?

Consider that you need a detailed tutorial on how a mobile application can be developed, what would you search for on the internet. Viewing text content may provide you with enough content but you would have to spend several hours so that each point can be understood properly. These days, people have rigorous routines and they simply do not have the time to read through lengthy text content.  Instead, they prefer videos and images which explain more aspects in a clear manner and in a shorter time span. In other words, it can be said that visual content has a stronger impact than text content. This is the reason why most brands focus on images and videos rather than written text.

Visual content makes a much stronger impact than plain text. Here are some points which provide more explanation on this.

Interactive presentation and colorful display

At college and university, we do have textbooks which carry a black and white interface without images. Even the most intelligent students struggle with such pages while reading the chapters. On the other hand, the use of colorful images in a book obviously increases the level of interest. The same concept can be applied when you talk use of visual content online.

  • There is no doubt that visual content gets more attention than written text. Consider that you find a lengthy content piece on your favorite topic without any images. Even if the content has been written on your favorite topic, concentrating on information without the use of visual content would be a hard task. Same is the case when you are searching for information online. These days, websites are beefed up with visual content so that the targeted audience can be attracted. Most users actually prefer to view videos and images.

Detailed understanding in lesser time

Consider that you have recently purchased a smartphone and you want to know more about its features. What would you search for on the internet? Would you search for visual content or text information? There is no doubt that there would be enough text information on this topic but time would be the problem. To know more about the features of the smartphone, you would want to see how these features work rather than going through piles of information. Thus, it can be said that visual content provides more understanding in lesser time.

Make the content colorful and catchy

It is always smart thinking to provide users with quality information as this captures their interest. However, this is not enough and you need to go ahead than this. The audience is only going to pay attention to what you have written if the content is catchy. This is only possible if you have used images and videos.  Visual content captures the attention of the reader in an instant manner. For instance, consider that you visit a website which has quality content along with a few interactive images. Instead of going through the written content, you would first check the image provided. This clearly tells that visual content gets the attention of the visitors in an instant manner.

Improvement in traffic rate

Does visual content have an impact on website rank?

There is no point in having a website if you do not have enough traffic on it. If people are not visiting your website, even posting the finest information would not create an impact. Written text without the use of visual content increases boredom for the user. If your website does not have relevant images and videos, people would not prefer spending time on your website and have a look at the products/services you offer.

If you look at the top rated websites in each category these days, you would witness that all of them used quality visual content and no plagiarized image is on their site. Search carefully images and visual using online image finder or picture finder before uploading it within the content. Use a reverse image search tool to avoid any copyright issue.

  • The use of videos has become a necessity these days. If you check the best websites, you would see that videos are added for each and every topic/area of discussion. Let us go through a proper example to gain more understanding of this point. Consider that you want to learn the cooking process of a particular dish, what would be the most suitable option for you. It would be hard for you to get a complete grasp without a proper video. By going through the written text, you would not be able to learn the cooking process in a proper manner.
  • Videos help in saving time for the user as he does not have to go through a lot of written material. Along with that, he can even skip the parts which he does not want to view. Through videos, users are able to extract more knowledge in a shorter time span.


In an overall manner, it can be said that visual content is a necessity these days. It helps you in getting more traffic and retaining it. Along with that, from the users’ perspective as well, they prefer websites with visual content.

Does visual content have an impact on website rank?

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