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eezyimport simplifies the customs process for small to medium-sized businesses. eezyimport empowers small and medium importers to easily process their own customs clearance to save valuable time and money on every delivery

Our DIY software allows you to simply click through the process with ease and even duplicate filings, saving you hours and money every month. Get your time and your sanity back with eezyimport!

We have combined our daily passion for innovative technology and creative problem solving with four decades of market leadership in helping small businesses to navigate the complex and costly world of importing. So whether you are passionate about the special goods or culture you are bringing to your local market, or live on Amazon, we are here to simplify your processes and accelerate your success.

We offer:

  • US Importer 5106 registration (free)
  • ISF filing
  • Entry filing
  • Bond purchase (single and annual)
  • Free template for a Filer Code request from the CBP

The old-fashioned customs clearance process is a non-friendly, complicated, and expensive procedure where the importer has very little control and doesn’t always know the current status of their clearance process.

We at eezyimport, are here to empower SMB importers and encourage you to take control of your imports by joining our DIY customs clearance platform.

Handling your shipment clearance on your own will allow you to cut expenses and remove unnecessary mediators.

The eezyimport platform gives you full transparency anytime and anywhere, simplifying the import process with its self-explanatory interface.

DIY Customs with eezyimport

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