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Discover How Color Psychology Can Help Your Conversions Soar

Designing a new eCommerce website for your business? Revamping your old one? Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the importance of color. Before you go ahead and decide to go with your two favorite colors and call it a day, have a good look at DesignAdvisor’s latest infographic the topic of color psychology, and find out how it can be used to boost your website conversions.

An abundance of facts and stats have been colorfully arranged to highlight the importance and meaning of different colors in this infographic. The real-life case studies give a clear indication of how vital it is to match your brand with an appropriate color. Depending on your industry, there are certain colors which work better than others. In fact, there are some colors and color combinations which can turn people off altogether.

Colors can and do affect emotions and thoughts which in turn lead to actions. This effect can be either positive or negative and is often on a subliminal or subconscious level. That’s why psychology of color can be utilized so effectively to convey a message and encourage the desired response. For example, blue is the all-time favorite color across the globe, and it exudes stability, calmness, and trustworthiness. That’s why it’s so popular with banks and healthcare providers.

You may even discover that in order to see an increase in your conversion rates, all you need to do is change the color of your call to action button. Other times, it might be a change of background color that makes all the difference. So without further ado, if you want to see your conversions soar, check out these ‘40 Facts About How Psychology of Color Can Boost Your Website Conversions’ below.

Discover How Color Psychology Can Help Your Conversions Soar

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