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We Do It, So You Don’t Have To

Like you, we struggle every day to grow our business.  And like you, our inbox is filled with promises of the Golden Grail of Traffic, Conversion, Social Media Success, Instagram Domination and on and on.  And according to Tim Ferris, all I need is 4 hours a week to achieve my success.

I can honestly say that none of the Get Rich Quick schemes have worked for me.  MLM offends me (probably because my parents got suckered in Amway when I was a kid, and I saw first hand the pyramid scheme that required you sell to family and friends).  Tim may get away with working 4 Hours a Week, but for me, it’s gonna take a bigger time commitment (OK, I am still holding out hope I can get buff in just 4 Hours a Week – The 4 Hour Body promises me rapid fat-loss, incredible sex and the chance to become superhuman – where do I send my money?)

We’ve been doing this online thing for about 10 years, now.  We can honestly say – “Been There, Done That.”

Our first foray into online marketing was an affiliate site.  We quickly built an audience and a voice, but in all honestly – we hadn’t done our homework.  While we knew our target demographic, we didn’t understand their spending habits or lack thereof.  We didn’t consider it a failure, we considered it a learning experience.   10 years later, we could do with a few less learning experiences.

Our second venture was an eCommerce site.  This time, we did our homework.  We knew our customers, we knew what they would spend money on.  The site was moderately successful until….  The financial meltdown 2008 drove sales into the ground.  Yea, another f#@king learning experience.

With all this damn learning experience, we decided to share the pain with others.  We moved over to the service side and began building multi-channel eCommerce solutions.  As part of building web stores and such, inevitably we traveled down SEO, social media, content marketing and many other paths searching for traffic and ultimately conversions for our customers.  We’ve tried many programs, plugins, apps and whatnot along the way. Some work (Plugins like Yoast, which we still use) and others not so much.

Bottom line, we hope to share our trials and tribulations in digital media – warts and all – to either learn from or to convince you that you should hire us to do it for you….

Digital Media Tips

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