Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your Air Tech Business

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Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your Air Tech Business

In this new era where the use of technology is increasing by every second, digitalization is key to the development of society and the economy. But, when it comes to promoting your products and services, digital marketing is the tool that will take your company from zero to hero.

It doesn’t matter what industry you specialize in; what matters the most is how fast you reach your target audience and how efficient is the message you are transmitting.

Nevertheless, you might think that there are businesses with more interesting content than an air tech company, but that’s not the truth. Sometimes, your reader’s knowledge and expertise are more attractive and appreciated than what you think.

The air tech business has been on the growth for many years fighting the responsible for indoor air contamination, and nowadays, a consistent problem is COVID-19. This means that the competition every time is bigger, and if you want or are already involved in this industry, you have to level your game up.

Using digital marketing tips is the best way to boost your company to drive more traffic to your site ending in huge conversions. Following these strategies will help you make the most out of your opportunities.

Responsive Website

To increase your online presence, the design of your website should give your audience a sense of what you want to transmit with your products give confidence and security on what you are selling. In addition, it has to show your clients a clear path to navigate through your site and direct CTAs. If the sum of these characteristics is done correctly, it will give you the chance to demonstrate your air purifiers’ functions, details, reviews, and qualities in the best way.

Social Media Marketing

This type of marketing gives your different business platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, among others, to distribute your content. With at least two channels, you will be able to give your audience new information regularly. Social Media presence is the new WOM and will keep your business in the minds of the consumers.

Keywords are ESSENTIALS

The proper combinations of words will help your customers find your services and products easily. Long Tail keywords like “experts in air quality meters for schools” are more likely to redirect your client to the exact site they are searching. However, not all the people seeking information in the air tech business know the technical terms, so you will have to appeal to simple and relatable keywords. There exist specific tools destined for keyword planning; use them to boost your campaigns and give your business more visibility.

Google Reviews

One of the most important things for a customer to finalize the purchase of a product depends directly on the reviews. They are often looking for a recommendation from more experienced consumers and how pleased they are with the product or service. Google Reviews will be your best ally for this section; ask your clients to leave reviews about your business and how their air purifiers are working for them. You can also include an individual review system into your website to have your more loyal clients give feedback directly on your page.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Learning how to deliver the best digital content will make your site more visible and help the search bots identify what your business theme is about. You don’t have to be an expert to optimize your web, but following some guidelines and tactics will step up the SERP ranking.

Content is KING!

High-quality, interesting, unique, and relevant are some words used to describe how your content should be. In the HVAC industry, providing your client with useful and fresh content will help them choose easily the distributor they want to buy from. How to do it? Easy, you can give examples of reducing energy, changing filters, or even explaining what a HEPA medical-grade air purifier is. Investing in this strategy will show your customer what you do and showcase why you are the best option.

The world is now MOBILE.

More than 80% of smartphone users are now surfing the web through their phones.

As a company, since this is the first approach the client has with your product, the engagement time is much shorter, and the idea is to capture their attention in a few seconds. Some tips to follow are having your website adjustable to any screen (PC, tablets, smartphones), the loading time recommended is under three seconds, and the option of resorting to a mobile app of your HVAC business will position you on the next level.

Air systems are critical in modern homes and provide better indoor air quality. Therefore, venturing into this industry could give exciting results. But, to experience a successful outcome of your online business, you should stick to digital strategies. So go ahead and get your conversion rates doubled!

Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your Air Tech Business