Starting a business is challenging, and an effective digital marketing strategy is essential in a digitally dominated era. For startups, the journey from ideation to investment can be daunting. Here’s a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions for startups, from business case development to the perfect pitch.

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Why Is SEO Important for Startups?
Why Is SEO Important for Startups?

Digital Marketing Solutions for Startups

Business Case Development

What we offer:

  • Digital Market Research: Understand the digital landscape, target audience behaviors, and the latest trends.
  • Competitor Analysis: Identify your digital competitors and their strategies.
  • SWOT Analysis: Recognize your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the digital space.

Pitch Deck Creation

What we offer:

  • Compelling Storytelling: Craft your startup’s story in a manner that resonates with investors.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Incorporate digital metrics that matter.
  • Visual Design: Professionally designed slides that hold attention and convey your message effectively.

Full Business Plan Development

What we offer:

  • Digital Strategy Blueprint: Outline your long-term digital goals, KPIs, and tactics.
  • Financial Projections: Incorporate digital marketing budgeting and ROI predictions.
  • Operational Plans: Integrate digital tools and platforms to drive your startup’s operations.

Pitch Coaching

What we offer:

  • Digital Terminology Training: Understand and speak the language of digital fluency.
  • Mock Sessions: Practice your pitch in a simulated environment and receive constructive feedback.
  • Body Language and Tone: Master the non-verbal cues and intonations that make or break your pitch.

Additional Support Services:

  • SEO and Content Strategy: Increase your startup’s visibility online.
  • Social Media Optimization: Build a robust brand presence across platforms.
  • Paid Advertising Consultation: Leverage paid channels effectively without burning your budget.
  • Website & UX/UI Consulting: Create a user-friendly, high-converting online hub for your startup.
  • Email Marketing and CRM Integration: Engage effectively with your potential customers and leads.

Why Choose Our Solutions?

Tailored for Startups: We understand the startup ecosystem and its challenges. ✅ Data-Driven Decision Making: Our strategies are based on real metrics, not just gut feelings. ✅ Comprehensive: From imagination to pitching, we’ve got you covered.

Start your journey with confidence. Propel your startup into the limelight with our specialized digital marketing solutions.


Leap with the right digital strategy behind you.

Cannabis | Digital Health | Startups

Digital Marketing Solutions for Startups
Digital Marketing Solutions for Startups

Mike Doherty: Elevating Digital Health with Expert Marketing Solutions

Founder of Understanding eCommerce, Mike Doherty’s expertise isn’t just gleaned from textbooks or a few years in the field; it’s built from a distinguished career deep-rooted in the startup ecosystem, particularly the dynamic realm of digital health.

Starting his journey as a venture capitalist, angel investor, mentor, and founder, Mike has enjoyed witnessing the startup world from multiple vantage points. He’s been the decision-maker at the helm and the guiding hand to budding ventures, ensuring he knows the pressures of both seats at the table.

In 2012, Mike exchanged the innovation hub of Silicon Valley for Berlin’s vibrant startup culture. Soon after, he became a pivotal figure in Startupbootcamp and spearheaded Angelsbootcamp, educating esteemed high-net-worth individuals on the art and science of angel investing. But Mike’s mentoring didn’t stop there. As a Pitch Coach, he’s been the backbone for many startups across celebrated programs such as Startupbootcamp, Bayer’s G4A, Barcelona Health Hub, enpact, Foundation If, and Flat 6 Labs.

It is an honor to work with great organizations in supporting entrepreneurs worldwide!

  • Bayer G4A Digital Health – Bayer G4A works with extraordinary people to develop new health solutions in the digital world.
    G4A is a global team of intra and entrepreneurs in 35 countries enabling positive disruption in the digital health and care industry. We do this through integrated care solutions for patients.
  • enpact – Empowering Entrepreneurs – Thank you for your commitment to enpact strengthening economic relations between young entrepreneurs from the Middle East, Africa, and Europe startup scenes.
  • Flat6Labs Tunis – It was awesome having you visit Tunisia. Your talk to our entrepreneurs remains one of the most successful sessions, and I use your pitch deck structure to help the entrepreneurs I come across.
  • Horizon 2020 – Horizon 2020 is the most significant EU Research and Innovation program ever, with nearly €80 billion of funding available over seven years (2014 to 2020) – in addition to the private investment this money will attract. It promises more breakthroughs, discoveries, and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market.
  • Innovation Forum – Innovation Forum is an international network of scientists and entrepreneurs. We support cutting-edge Life Sciences ventures on their way to the market.
  • Renaissance Entrepreneurial Center – The mission of the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center is to empower and increase the entrepreneurial capacities of socially and economically diverse women and men and thereby strengthen our communities by creating sustainable new businesses, new jobs, and the promotion of financial self-sufficiency.
  • Startupbootcamp – We applaud your role in helping 11 fresh Digital Health startups gain a solid footing in the industry. They were thrilled to have you as a mentor, ​and​ so are we.

A decade later, in 2023, Mike returned stateside. His time nurturing European Digital Health startups has endowed him with a unique global perspective, an invaluable asset when liaising with healthcare stakeholders today.

Mike’s entrepreneurial streak doesn’t just stop at mentoring. He’s launched and steered numerous ventures, experiencing firsthand the delicate balancing act of managing operations while hunting growth avenues. His tenure as an investor and lender lends another layer to his comprehensive understanding, ensuring his clients gain insights from every conceivable angle.

Before pioneering Understanding eCommerce, Mike was an integral part of Third Coast Capital, overseeing its evolution into the 4th largest venture debt provider in the U.S. His keen insight was instrumental in underwriting ventures exceeding $100 million.

But Mike’s expertise isn’t restricted to startups. Earlier in his career, he was a linchpin at Southport Systems, Inc., advising on asset management, leasing, and credit underwriting. Additionally, he managed several leasing portfolios.

Academically, Mike is fortified with a B.S. in Commerce from DePaul University, Chicago. He’s also a proud alumnus of the 1997 Venture Capital Institute (VCI) class and the 2006 Leadership San Francisco (LSF) cohort. A believer in giving back, he’s imparted his finance, marketing, and business planning knowledge at various institutions and even mentored at-risk youth.

Mike relishes life in San Francisco alongside his partner, their daughter, two loyal dogs, and a rabbit who rules the office,  ensuring life is always bustling!

In Mike, you don’t just find a consultant or a coach but a seasoned traveler of the startup journey who’s walked every path, ensuring you always have a trusted guide by your side.

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