Customer Experience will Shape the Future of eCommerce

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You can go a long way with your business if you take your customers seriously and value them as equal associates. But, without customers, can your business become a business?

Experiences matter. A PwC report published earlier this year states that almost 59% of U.S. consumers prefer to walk away from a brand just because of bad experiences. It makes us wonder what exactly communicates the right idea of delivering a good customer experience.

Entering the Age of Digitalization

We are living in a post-technology age where everything is virtualized. From grocery shopping to purchasing a gold-plated bracelet, we can find an e-commerce web design company for just about everything. And we don’t see a particular website offering users a specific service, but many of them indicate that too much competition exists in the market.

What makes one unique from the other is customer experience.

Fronting Sales Staff Will Be More Data Enabled

Previously, it was perceived that data was only accumulated and used by the CRM managers and loyalty program builders in a sales-oriented firm. However, it has recently been revealed that data is also being used by the fronting sales staff in countless firms.

Data helps users deliver an exceptionally strong sales pitch which guarantees that the customer will stay loyal to your brand. On the other hand, it also makes the customers feel that the organization is giving them a lot of preference. Some customers feel a sales representative must know everything they want because they have revealed so much of their requirements to them.

Some sales representatives are challenged to think critically. If that’s the case with you, then there is something for you to read.

Customer experience is closely related to customer expectations. Hence, most modern-day sales representatives train themselves in such a way that by asking a handful of questions, they readily get connected with the needs and demands of their customers and are already halfway through resolving them.

Brands Will Become Emotionally Intelligent

When customers are planning to purchase a product from your platform, they are not only purchasing a product but also buying in the experience you are about to offer. And when we talk about experiences, they are closely related to emotions.

We often ask ourselves this very question,

“Why do customers feel emotions,s and what can we do to change and manage it?”

In the future, organizations will have to develop a deep understanding of what customers like and how they behave when they are provided the chance to interact with their brand. Their decision-making behavior will become the key to understanding how they felt about your brand.

In eCommerce platforms, entrepreneurs will look forward to deploying more robust strategies to make online stores more personalized. It will contribute to giving the user a much better experience and eventually win customers’ consent of loyalty.

Chatbots Will Become More Smart & Sophisticated

Although, chatbots do not deliver the best customer experience to users. To some, they do not meet the desired expectations of an average customer. However, attendants serviced by chatbots on various websites often claim that the algorithm was pretty savvy in resolving customer queries.

AI-powered algorithms which run as chatbots on different online platforms are innovative solutions that deliver customer experiences for high-touch industries. But, they will never be good enough to deliver the trust and credibility a real sales representative is bound to deliver.

In the future, AI-powered chatbots will become more sophisticated. Furthermore, by leveraging the power of machine learning, future chatbots will become more lifelike and readily assist customer needs.

Data Collection is in the Dark

Present-era data collection is normally done through the barter exchange policy traditionally. Brands pass on information to consumers by offering them something valuable for free in return for their personal information in return.

However, it is exceedingly important that brands do realize the significance of what information is required to be shared. They need to strategize to deliver tailored messages to meet the customers’ needs rather than just blasting away messages that polish their brand identity.

Future e-commerce platforms should be designed in such a way that they offer to personalize the experience for each customer. Furthermore, based on their respective purchases, these platforms should run their email campaigns and offer valuable insights about their respective purchases rather than educating the masses on e-commerce.

Customer experience not only surrounds the E-commerce market, but it has its roots in almost every business in which a person is involved. Do you have a business of your own to run? If not, then why not find a good way to earn money online? Start around with just about anything and then try your best to give customers a non-forgettable experience.

Author Bio:

Irfan Ak is a digital marketing manager at Taskque & a guest blogger on various websites. He has also worked with various other brands and created value for them.

Customer Experience will Shape the Future of eCommerce