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CreditKart is the first online shopping site in India, which assigns its users a direct credit line when they sign-up, giving the shoppers an option to ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ at no rate of interest, no down payment, no processing fees. It brings top-quality, affordable products from fashion to accessories to gadgets to home appliances and décor to a shopping platform accessible to all parts of India. Creditkart caters to more than 26,000 pin codes.

Online shopping has re-invented the traditional retail experience for millions across the globe; the initial skepticism has changed to confidence and dependence. Fueled by lockdowns and the current economic conditions, the entire world seemingly hopped on to the digital platforms even for the most minimal purchases. Online shopping is no longer a ‘luxury, and it has become a necessity, an obvious practice to keep up with the demands of the 2020 lifestyle. The market, especially this year, has been through many challenges, limiting purchases to essentials and necessities. People choose to forgo certain wants because they cannot afford the products, especially during these times. Pay cuts and lay-offs are problems that have also affected the purchasing power within the economy. As a result, a hesitancy to spend in general has overtaken the market. Even when we turn towards the EMI option for refuge, high-interest rates and high down-payments are the massive problems plaguing Online Shoppers. This may be the new normal, so we need a feasible way to shop online!

Fin-Com — How we see it.

Fin-com is the perfect blend of E-commerce and Finance Fin-Com is another step towards financial inclusion for India. It blends speed with comfort to make an easy-to-access smooth online shopping experience. There is a need for a shopping platform that provides a direct credit line to reduce/minimize the lengthy procedures and dependence on other financial institutions. It is important to note that because of these inconveniences and high interest and down payment costs way more than the original price of the product, shopping on EMI is quite a stressful experience. The unbanked individuals from tier 2, 3, 4, and 5 cities aren’t even catered to by the e-commerce giants, leaving behind a high demand for affordable online shopping.

Change is on the horizon.

To tap this need, we at Mudrakwik Fin-Tech are soon launching CreditKart, a shopping platform that brings Indian sellers and Indian buyers together to encourage and strengthen local trade. CreditKart is India’s first online shopping portal that assigns its users a direct credit line when they sign-up, enabling shoppers to “Buy Now Pay Later” at no interest rate, no down payment, and no processing fees. This makes shopping on EMI a very easy-to-access experience, catering to everyone who owns a smartphone, no matter where they stay within the country. This innovative venture is set to revolutionize online shopping and make it readily accessible to every Indian. CreditKart will redefine shopping on EMI and make it an easy and viable option to buy top-quality, affordable products across the country. The future of online shopping is here; let’s make sure we are ready for it.

Creditkart Online Shopping Site

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