COVID-19: Its Impact on Google Ads
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COVID-19: Its Impact on Google Ads

COVID-19: Its Impact on Google Ads for Legal Services and How to Proceed

Based on our business partners and legal industry study data, the legal market is one of the industries least hit by COVID-19. Perhaps the marketing benefits are so much more valuable.

From an economic, social, and medical perspective, the COVID-19 crisis harmed everyone, including law firms. Based on data from our clients and research from others in the industry, legal services are one of the sectors most affected by COVID-19 to date. Our research shows that the safest course of action is to sustain or, in certain situations, even increase your budget.

What are the advantages of PPC Marketing right now?

With all that’s going on, you may be wondering what the advantages of your latest marketing activities are. Here are a few factors that need to be considered:

1. The restriction status of possible cases during the outbreak can be much longer than that of COVID-19. Therefore, although face-to-face contact with potential clients may be minimal, claims and investigations are likely to be as feasible in a month or more as they are today.

2. We have the opportunity to change our campaigns to make your life easier. Will you need to work on limited hours, or do you need to place more emphasis on calls? No question at all. Google Advertising is very versatile, and we are completely staffed to manage requests.

3. Other companies might decide to shut down their marketing efforts. Odds are, if you’ve found it, they’ve got it. The decreased competition will eventually lead to an improvement in efficiency and conversion.

Are people still looking for legal services?

Global events may affect SEO and PPC; that is true. Google searches in the United States have changed but have remained relatively constant. But in the past week, we’ve found that Google’s search ad impressions are beginning to decline modestly – 7% below average. It is not unprecedented, particularly during the holiday weeks, but many advertisers did not anticipate it.

What about Search Results?

Since COVID-19 became an outbreak in the United States three weeks ago, conversion rates have decreased by 21 percent.

In terms of performance, we also impact our client base, but it was minimal and not necessarily negative. Here are some of the research that we see as an entity in the period immediately following the first patient of COVID-19 in the United States (March 1) to date, relative to the same timeline immediately preceding that case:

Search Performance of Civil Services in COVID-19 Crises:

  • Criminal Law
    • The modest reduction in click traffic (20 percent)
    • No improvement in conversions, but a slight increase in conversion rate (30 percent) and a decline in cost per conversion (10 percent)
    • The moderate increase in cost per click (20 percent) and a small rise in click-through rate (10 percent).
  • Personal injury law
    • The moderate decrease in click traffic (15 percent)
    • No improvement in conversion or cost per conversion (less than 1%) and a small rise in conversion rate (5 percent)
    • There is a slight increase in cost per click (5 percent) and click-through rate (5 percent).
  • Family court
    • A moderate increase in click traffic (30 percent)
    • A slight increase in conversions (10 percent) and cost per conversion (15 percent) and a slight decrease in conversion rates (15 percent)
    • There is no change in cost per click (less than 1 percent) and a slight decline in click-through rates (15 percent).
  • Overall
    • There is no change in search engine marketing campaigns (less than a 1 percent chance).
    • a small rise in clicks and conversion rates (10 percent) and a decrease in price per conversion (5 percent)
    • Moderate growth in pay per click (40 percent) and CTR (40 percent).

The overall numbers and those of the individual practice areas suggest that all programs at this time are still a go for PPC.

Summary and Advice:

While we can’t foresee what will happen in the next few weeks or months, we can tell that there are promising signs and compelling reasons to keep your law firm running marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, we have some tips that could enable your law firm to thrive in this uncertain period.

The legal sector is undergoing some small SERP changes, with moderate (less than 5 percent) searches for volumes and conversion rates. Fortunately, this is compensated by a slight decrease in cost per click — maintaining search conversions and CPAs primarily steady.

But we see more of these conversions come in phone calls instead of website submissions. And sadly, more than 30% of such requests are unanswered. So if COVID-19 affects your company’s activities or hours, be sure to:

  1. Update your day-to-day campaigns to match your current time.
  2. If you’re going remotely, make sure your website, call-only advertising, and ad call extensions represent the best number you need to access your team.
  3. Monitoring your PPC phone calls with keyword-level tracking.
  4. Ensure that Google My Business’s profile is up to date to represent your company’s current operations. Build a post to assure prospective searchers that your business is still involved during this crisis.

At Google PPC Ads Marketing West Palm Beach, we are committed to providing that our client companies thrive, given the outside world’s circumstances. If you need any updates or adjustments to your advertising, it works better for your situation; feel open to reaching out. We, for our part, are fully operational. We expect to remain on top of the trends and continue to refine your SEO & PPC strategies to keep you updated to the best of our capabilities. Finally, and most importantly, we hope that you and your families will remain secure and protected during this crisis.

COVID-19: Its Impact on Google Ads

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