Content Aggregation: The Manifest Of Digital Marketing

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Content Aggregation: The Manifest Of Digital Marketing

Gone are the days of fascinating traditional advertisements embedded with celebrity endorsements and heavy-budget photoshoots. Now is the world of practical advertising where your customers are smart and detect the difference between real and fake.

Hence, the king of content marketing arises- User Generated Content (UGC). It is the most trustworthy form of Content that sets the best example for your brand advocacy. It presents a vast resource for businesses to use for their marketing purposes. But the vastness of user-generated content marketing brings along with it the challenge of aggregating the most relevant and engaging Content from the endless pool of data.

This brings us to the showstopper topic of this article- Content Aggregation! Yes, this article is all about content aggregation and how you can leverage it to benefit your business.

Content Aggregation: The Manifest Of Digital Marketing

So, let’s get started!

Content Aggregation: What Is It?

Content aggregation is collecting data or information from multiple sources related to a common topic using one or multiple keywords and hashtags.

Those social media tools that perform content aggregation are known as Content Aggregators. The most common type of content aggregator is a social media aggregator, which integrates with multiple social media platforms and fetches the most relevant content based on the keywords and hashtags you give.

The function of content aggregation can be categorized into five easy steps-

  1. Discovery- Content Aggregators help you to discover the hidden and rarely discovered Content scattered all over the internet with the help of hashtags, keywords, usernames, profiles, etc.
  2. Aggregation- Content Aggregators help you collect the aggregated Content at one place or platform with the help of its advanced AI programs, where many more features help you to access and perform functions on the data easily.
  3. Curation- Content Aggregators come with amazing curation and moderation features that help you filter out your Content to produce the best quality out of the aggregated Content.
  4. Customization- Content Aggregator comes with beautiful customization features that give the users the functionality to beautify and improve the visual appeal of the aggregated feeds.
  5. Display/Embed- Some great Content Aggregators come with the functionality of displaying or embedding the aggregated feed on digital displays or websites, respectively. This way, they can be effectively utilized for your marketing purposes.
  6. Analytics- Once you have employed the aggregated feeds for your marketing purposes, you must also track their performance and user engagement with those aggregated feeds. Some good content aggregators give you the functionality of Analytics that helps you track the performance of your aggregated feeds across multiple platforms.

Leveraging Content Aggregation For Digital Marketing

We all know the crucial importance of Content while marketing your brand. Not every content piece that you publish will resonate with your target audience.

Your Content should be unique, distinct, and interactive, all simultaneously; then and only then can you hope for user engagement with your brand.

Your Content sets your brand tone in the marketing field. Your Content expresses your brand ideals, represents your brand image, and defines your brand theme.

User-Generated Content is the most trusted, authentic, reliable, attractive, and engaging form of Content that a brand may use for marketing purposes. Using UGC as your brand advertising content means you are keeping your users at the forefront line to advocate for your brand’s good quality of products and services based on their experiences with your brand.

Social Media Platforms are the source of the endless stream of user-generated Content. Users readily publish social media posts through images, videos, links, comments, online reviews, blogs, etc.

Content Aggregators help you aggregate these user-generated social media posts from different platforms and use them for marketing purposes.

Social Wall is a common example of leveraging content aggregation for marketing purposes. A Social Wall displays aggregated social media feeds in a customized manner that attracts the attention of event attendees and your website visitors. This helps you hike the overall engagement around your brand.

When you display user-generated social media feeds on your website or at events, you display social proof of the good quality of your brand’s products and services and how happy customers are while engaging with your brand. That’s the best form of social proof a brand could provide.

It is a proven fact that users always trust the recommendations of their peers, friends, family, and fellow customers rather than brand-promoted Content. Given this user behavior, displaying aggregated user-generated Content from multiple social media platforms is the safest, and the best form of brand marketing brands could employ.


Content Aggregation can be a cool and important tool to extend your digital marketing efforts toward building a strong brand image.

Try the best content aggregator tools for your brand marketing and experience the amazing benefits yourself.

Happy Marketing!

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