Do you need more leads? Who doesn’t?

You’re busy; we get it. But, if you are like most business owners, you struggle to communicate with your audience; that’s where we come in. 

Communication Strategies for Better Lead Generation and More
Communication Strategies for Better Lead Generation and More

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We handle all your communications needs – whitepapers, content development, ghostwriting, thought leadership positions, press releases, product descriptions, ad copy, blog posts, and so much more. 

Over the years, we have learned it’s hard to get it down on paper. So, through a series of Zoom meetings, we capture your brand messaging and voice and then create awareness through content development, SEO, and paid and organic search. This results in greater brand awareness and lead generation.

Our job is to bring them to your door; your job is to close them. Simple.

All this is done without you writing a single line of copy. There is no homework, no to-do lists, just a few friendly chats, and we are on our way. You get back to running your business while we focus on communicating your value proposition to the world. 

And once we develop your communications, we bring in our industry partners in video and graphics to ensure we have all channels covered, from TikTok to YouTube to the Metaverse. 

Before we meet, we conduct a brand audit – SEO, brand, social, paid media, and web audits – to establish a baseline and address any obvious concerns.

Our starter package develops –

  • Your value proposition and product positioning
  • Your origin story – your why
  • Buyer personas and customer journey mapping
  • Product and service descriptions
  • 90-day content calendar
  • Goals and KPIs to measure your success

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With offices in Barcelona and San Francisco, Understanding eCommerce has developed digital solutions since 2003, including content development, social media marketing, email marketing, Google Adwords/PPC, branding, and SEO/SEM services.

In this day and age, sending content to your webmaster and waiting for them to get around to it is unacceptable. We are tweeting, updating Facebook, and posting to Instagram – so why should it take two weeks for you to update your website? Our websites offer a simple dashboard allowing you to update content if you can cut and paste. Click a button to add an image or upload a new video. And, of course, in line with Web 2.0, everything integrates with your social media platforms.

Many folks believe that you can build it, and they will come – we know better, and so should you. Unfortunately, many of our clients come to us with beautiful sites and no traffic. And even worse – no sales. We understand that your site needs to be attractive and informative – but it is a tool, not the end goal. We work with our clients to understand why they are building sites – increase sales, increase visibility – we help craft a Call to Action and ultimately measure. We measure everything. It’s the only way we know if it’s working. In technical terms, what is your ROI – Return on Investment.

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Communication Strategies for Better Lead Generation and More

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