Collect High-Quality Customer-Generated Reviews Instantly

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Collect High-Quality Customer-Generated Reviews Instantly

Nothing is more frustrating than being invisible online. When your customers rank your services, social proof creates visibility across search engines and social media channels.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a given situation. The term was coined by Robert Cialdini in his 1984 book Influence: Science and Practice, and the concept is also known as informational social influence. Wikipedia

When potential clients see positive rankings on your site or sites like Yelp, they are more likely to feel secure buying from you.

Collect High-Quality Customer-Generated Reviews Instantly

To get your brand out there and hit #1 on the SERP, you’ll need the power of social proof… and have no idea where to start.

Luckily, there’s a tool that makes leveraging reviews and content from your customers a breeze, giving you the boost you need.

  • Use review hints to collect detailed, keyword-filled customer reviews of 200+ characters.
  • Alternative to: Trustpilot, Yotpo, and Judge. me
  • Generate more reviews with mobile-friendly, automated review requests and a simple point-and-click customer interface.
  • Best for eCommerce businesses that want to improve search rankings and gather social proof with customer-generated reviews helps you collect keyword-filled customer reviews to improve your search engine results, entice potential customers, and build a rock-solid online image. is available in 20 languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German, so you can reach the global audience you deserve!

The tool is fully localized in your dashboard and beyond, offering entire communications with your customers and a built-in Hint System—all in your preferred language.

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Collect High-Quality Customer-Generated Reviews Instantly