Clearly Cannabis with Francis Scanlan of Cloud 9, Switzerland

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Discover the wild world of the legitimizing CBD business in Europe and international export with one of its most intriguing early pioneers. A must watch for those wondering about the challenges on the ground and how to meet them.

Francis is the Managing Director and Founder of Cloud 9 Switzerland LLC, Health and Wellness company. Past experiences as an experienced Senior Technical Director with a demonstrated track record in the water, tobacco, phytopharmaceutical, flavors & food ingredients, food & beverage industries. Skilled in Change Management, Natural Products, Food & Beverage, Chemical and Sensory Evaluation, Innovation Management, and Consumer Products. Strong business development professional with an MBA focused in Marketing, Technology Mngt, Investment from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

Cloud 9 Switzerland brings deep knowledge and broad professional experience to this new Cannabis business. Our passion and endeavors are dedicated to promoting a more natural and sustainable approach to life. Our values are applied through a strictly scientific approach to support the development of our brands and tailor-made products for our customers and consumers who wish to improve their overall Quality of Life.

We deliberately focus on value-adding products, representing the state of the art of cannabis products available today in Europe. Our goal is to create a tailor-made range of cannabis products starting from the close relationship with our consumers/customers and the scientists we work with around the world. Working with people and understanding their needs is the driver for our continuous work in Research and Development. Our products are studied and developed to improve the quality of life of our consumers in a natural way combining the benefits of Cannabis Sativa L. with other medicinal plants.


Clearly Cannabis with Francis Scanlan of Cloud 9, Switzerland