Choose Magento Development for Your Online Business
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Choose Magento Development for Your Online Business

If you’ve ever enjoyed scrolling through online stores, and browsing through their catalogs, ordering and purchasing items, then you know the convenience and ease that is provided for online consumers. While websites can be created using HTML or WordPress, e-commerce stores require other platforms such as Magento. Magento is quite easily the best e-commerce platform that enables users to create online stores that may surpass Amazon and eBay.

Magento is a platform written in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and is founded on open-source technology, which simply means that the software can be obtained for free. A Magento developer is a professional with the required skill, and comprehensive knowledge, to work in a long-term process to create and configure a website by installing custom features.

If you need to create and establish your online store, or an eCommerce webpage, you should consider the eventual solutions so that your site can run optimally. Since Magento development is in control of visual designs and making websites attractive to customers, it should be your platform of choice! This is the invention for merchants who are growing and own successful enterprises.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Magento Development for your eCommerce site.

It’s Open Source

Magento is open-source meaning that it is available in different versions like free, hosted and enterprise which makes it a preferred choice for many developers across the world to build commercial websites. A Magento developer will typically use the free version of this software to configure and develop eCommerce websites, and because it has extremely engaging features, they can establish sites that encourage business growth.

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The enterprise version of Magento is paid for annually. It permits users and their team of Magento developers flexibility to customize or adjust the source code for more aided functions and feature development. Magento also works optimally with installed extensions that may be developed to meet business needs and clients’ desires without source code interference.

It contains Top-notch Features

Magento development presents a large number of distinct features that online store owners and developers can use. Store owners, in particular, can manage their businesses from one setting. Some of the features present in Magento software are:

  • Allows one setting for managing multiple stores
  • Catalog management
  • Product browsing
  • Site management
  • Mobile commerce
  • Customer accounts
  • Order management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Checkout, payment, and shipping
  • Search Engine Optimization

Highly Scalable

Magento can support businesses of varying sizes from very small start-ups to mega-enterprises. It gives one the chance to grow from a small business with a limited number of products to a wider scale of unlimited and varying services. This is one of the reasons why Magento development is preferred for different levels of business. It can integrate relevant and new features without disruptions to the whole system. More than 9,000 websites have been created by Magento developers because of its ability to adapt and synchronize seamlessly to added extensions and specialized features.

It is SEO Friendly

Magento development ensures that you have attractive SEO features that can support your marketing strategies. These features include various options for URLs, meta tags, keywords, and descriptions. The Magento platform carries Google and HTML sitemaps which eases web crawling and highlights web pages at the top of the search engine. Attractive SEO features ensure that products and services offered by a site on the platform top Search Engine Pages.

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A study done to compare SEO features between Magento and other eCommerce platforms ranked Magento with the highest scores while platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce were ranked second and third respectively.

High Performance and Great Mobile Experience

With great performance in fast page loading and effective query processing time, websites perform optimally and encourage customers to view more content and reduce page abandonment, Magento development ensures that conversion rates are increased and user experience is enhanced. Because of its nature of being an open-source platform, store owners are free to optimize the performance of the sites in various ways like using third-party tools and changing the source code.

Magento websites are not only built for desktop but also use on mobiles. In the era of mobile shopping, and customer convenience and satisfaction being key, customers can conveniently shop in their favorite Magento websites on their mobile devices without worry about pages hanging or bugs. Purchases are also optimized for mobiles. With the accessibility of mobile devices, Magento development assists business owners to draw prospective customers to their websites.


With the availability of a full-time team of cybersecurity professionals in the Magento platform, the security features allow users to have a secure online shopping experience whilst making purchases because website owners can simply employ the use of SSL. When customers are aware that their experience is secure, they feel at ease and in turn, this helps to increase revenues for eCommerce sites.

It is also useful to note that Magento is quite a powerful system and will need a person with competence and the right specialized development to handle it from production to check out. When looking for a professional Magento developer, one must be able to note whether they have significant web development experience, whether they have experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages as these are competencies on will have to use daily while developing a site on Magento.

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