Changing Your IP address
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Changing Your IP Address

Changing the IP address: These are the options

With the advent of the internet, physical distances were dissolved between the different cultures of the world and bringing all people closer together.

But shortly thereafter, access restrictions were imposed on browsing and access to content based mainly on geographic criteria.

This still affects millions of users worldwide who, because they are located in certain countries, cannot access different sites, resources, or certain content on the network.

This is why knowing how to change the IP address is an increasingly necessary and valued need by users.

However, beyond the drawbacks of political control, people seek greater privacy. Cyber ​​globalization has made navigation an environment where justice does not have much presence. Consequently, a program or resource that allows changing the IP becomes the solution that best adapts to these days’ needs.

The internet is a parallel world; in it, we dump all our data more than we do in real life.

The only difference is that in this world, we are assigned an IP instead of an ID.

Using this extensive number, the devices’ exact location can be identified without further effort. So this compromises the security and privacy of people when browsing the web.

Fortunately, circumventing this system is somewhat easier than you might imagine.

Several companies offer a VPN-based service. You have to make sure you know the acquisition process and choose those of certified quality to change IP at all times.

In this article, we will instruct you depending on whether you make the right decision.

What is the IP address?

You should know that IP translates as “Internet Protocol” or “Internet Protocol.” It is given this name because it is a communication protocol that works over a network. Now, the IP address is a designated number within the network, which identifies the netizen’s location.

No person can connect without using an IP address. In fact, when you enter any search in Google, the browser places the text in the IP address to return the result.

The purpose of placing this code of numbers is to know who is connected. Depending on the degree of identification that the IP manifests, they can be divided into two types: public IP or private IP. The first ones are those assigned by your internet provider or ISP (Internet Service Provider).

The last ones you have available in your home to access using the devices through Wife.

Why should I know how to change my IP?

Anonymity: it gives you access to a connection, preventing the exchange of information from being seen by third parties. Even if you are using the public internet, using a UK VPN service will keep your data isolated from other connections.

Masking: hide the real IP address so that you can browse anonymously. VPN is a fully shielded system that will not reveal your location.

Encryption: encrypt the data using a tunnel of complex algorithms between your computer and a remote network that will connect you to the internet. Using this system, the activity will be secured under indecipherable codes for those trying to access it illegitimately.

Security – Almost all VPNs detect malicious software that is intended to bypass VPN protection. You can navigate without worries.

How to change my IP address?

To change IP, you can always rely on a VPN service since it is the best option.

Here I will describe how to change your IP in a simple way depending on the device you use.

For Windows users:

Click Start

Then run

Type “cmd”

Hit enter

The system command window will open, in which write “ipcongig”

Hit enter

Your IP address will be displayed.

For Mac users:

Go to “System Preferences”

Click on Networks

There you can view the current IP number.

For Router users:

Log in as the administrator in its settings (check its manual to see details according to your model)

Reset the IP address (this step also varies depending on the model of your router)

Turn off the router and disconnect hubs and switches if you have them.

Leave all night unplugged.

Reconnect and turn everything on the next morning

For mobile users:

Disconnect your Wi-Fi connection

Locate a public network such as a cafe or gas station

Connect from the said network; this will change your IP address temporarily.

Keep in mind that public networks are less secure than private networks to access the internet.

What is the best and easiest method to change my IP?

Regardless of the purpose, you want to hide your real location on the web; the most convenient modality is using a VPN-based service. This software allows you to change the IP of your computer.

Take the lead in cybersecurity and improve your user and browsing experience, knowing how to change the IP.

The totality of the activities carried out could be spied on by the government, through the internet provider, using a virus, or simply a third party connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

On the other hand, smart DNS provides a slightly higher state of privacy because they act on the text’s encoding towards the IP address. Even so, they are still a proxy style that leaves many sites vulnerable to anyone intending to evade security regulations.

The VPN is a service that will allow you to change your IP online, protecting the information traffic generated while you are connected. This is because the data will remain encrypted. In computing, it refers to creating algorithms linked to various passwords (strings of symbols) to hide the message that travels within the VPN system.

Which VPN service to choose from?

Our page is an open portal where we share the latest updates about the most reputable web security protocols. Our portal has many articles that talk about all types of VPN, both for computers and for different devices, both Android and iOS.

We have done a comparative study of the five most popular VPNs to help you choose the best one:

How to change my IP with VPN?

The procedure to acquire a VPN is straightforward because all the sites that promote the service have a clear guide on the steps to follow. We will take Fastest VPN as an example to explain the necessary steps for its purchase and implementation.

Follow the next steps:

The main page will show you a red box that says “Buy Now.” After clicking, the plans that go from monthly to yearly will appear.

After selecting the most convenient one for you, you will need to create an account from your email and your name.

Activate your username by clicking an email that Fastest VPN will send you. Once this is done, you will have to choose the payment method normally divided into cryptocurrencies, Alipay, virtual wallets, and credit cards.

After sending the payment, you will receive a confirmation in your email within the next 10 to 45 minutes.

In this, a file will be attached that you must download to your device.

Next, you will see a box where you will enter your username and password, which will give you access to the anonymity of the VPN. You can enter your browser by executing the activities safely.

After having purchased the VPN, you can make the IP change.


Browsing and consuming content on the internet today must be done responsibly and safely.

More and more people are concerned about their safety and freedom when browsing the web.

Using a high-quality solution such as Fastest VPN will allow you to elevate and improve your experience of using new communication technologies, taking control of your steps, and accessing everything you really want without any restrictions.

Achieve a full and private browsing experience by changing your IP address at any time to all your devices.

Changing Your IP Address

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