Changing the Way CBD is Distributed Online


Launched by MPX International (CSE:MPXI) this month, the e-commerce platform CBDetc is changing how CBD is distributed online.CBDetc has been designed to ensure an easy, enlightening, and educational journey for its users. Visitors to the site will first learn about CBD and then benefit from over a hundred hand-picked products. Let’s find out how.

CBDetc’s curated collection

CBD brands are popping up all over Europe. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to know what’s good and what’s bad.

CBDetc’s curated collection means CBDetc buyers will never have to doubt the quality of their products again.

CBDetc’s brands’ production processes are totally transparent, and products are regularly submitted for 3rd party testing. Experts will constantly review this curated collection at CBDetc to make sure only the best brands are available at any time.CBDetc’s curated collection

Committed to what’s natural

CBDetc has a strong focus on natural, oil-based CBD products whose ingredients are sourced organically. These include cosmetics, tinctures, vapes, edibles, and intimacy products. Mutual respect for what’s natural has led to CBDetc partnering with some of the most illustrious CBD brands in the US. These include Quim, Dani Pepper, and the artisanal brand Kiskanu, amongst others. Not only do these brands ensure the highest quality, but their expertise brings a fresh approach to the European CBD market – something CBDetc is glad to offer.

Committed to what’s natural
CBDetc: Europe’s first retailer of CBD Intimacy 

One thing Europe could learn from the US market is the power of CBD Intimacy. Whether it be for sex, menopausal pain, or protection against infections, the formulae in these products are changing thousands of women’s lives. Take the example of CBD lubes available at Sure, they reduce friction in sex, just as they should. But that’s not all. They stimulate blood flow to relax your muscles and your mind, awakening your arousal and welcoming you into a bedroom of bliss. The proof is in the pudding; 90% of users confirm they would buy again. Also available on CBDetc are topical vaginal wellness creams and CBD-cocoa butter suppositories, which reduce discomfort from period cramps or menopausal aches and pains.

“CBDetc will support Europeans in their quest for health and wellness.”  Spencer Taylor, Project Manager of CBDetc.

Spencer notes how European consumers are looking for natural, plant-based alternatives as they become more and more aware of the harmful side-effects of the chemicals in their cosmetics. CBD provides the perfect solution. CBD creams and topicals to capsules containing CBD oils and distillates, the products available at CBDetc, will enhance your wellness naturally.

CBDetc’s online forum to educate and inspire 

The EcoSystem: CBDetc’s online forum to educate and inspire 

CBDetc doesn’t just give you ease of access to the world’s leading brands. It aims to educate its community of users on how they can improve their lives with these products. CBD experts, consultants, users, and supporters will keep you up-to-date with all things CBD via panel reviews, general discussions, expert testimony, and product reviews.

And there’s more? 

Finally, CBDetc works with leading service providers to ensure swift and seamless payment and distribution across Europe and in selective global regions. Bottom line?’s e-commerce platform is the next step in the future of Europe’s CBD market. Being easy to use, offering only the best products, and educating its community will revolutionize European CBD.

Changing the Way CBD is Distributed Online

Changing the Way CBD is Distributed Online

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