CannaList Conversations with Henning von Koss, CEO – PharmaCielo

We recently sat down with PharmaCielo‘s CEO, Henning von Koss, to discuss why they chose to grow in Colombia. With fertile soil, perfect equatorial sunlight, and natural water sources from the mountains around Rionegro, PharmaCielo has created one of the world’s best natural cannabis cultivation facilities producing the world’s purest cannabis.

PharmaCielo received its Colombian manufacturing license in 2016 and has rapidly become a key player in the international medicinal cannabis sector. The company is licensed to produce both CBD-dominant and THC-dominant cannabis extracts.

During his 27 years with Bayer Material Science, Mr. von Koss served as senior vice president of Latin America, president and head of healthcare in the Andean region, and in numerous management positions in Brazil, Germany, and Poland Andean region. He recently served as a chief operating officer of HAPVIDA, the third-largest managed care organization in Brazil with 20 hospitals, 70 clinics, 50 labs, and 17,000+ employees, generating a $3 billion turnover.

PharmaCielo Ltd. (TSXV: PCLO, OTCQX: PCLOF) is headquartered in Canada and focuses on ethical and sustainable processing and supplying all natural, medicinal-grade cannabis oil extracts related products to large channel distributors.

Located near the equator, Colombia enjoys strong sunlight, fertile soil, ample natural rainfall. The 12-hour day/night light cycle and consistent temperatures year-round readily allow for four cannabis crops per year. Add to these ideal environmental conditions the nation’s decades-long status among the world’s top cut-flower providers, which created both a ready skilled workforce and the infrastructure and trade agreements to ship flowers – including cannabis flower products – efficiently and economically to destinations worldwide.

Like Canada, the Colombian government was among the first in the world to recognize and embrace the potential benefits to the country of legalizing and regulating a national medical-cannabis industry. Reflecting its ongoing support for the industry’s progress, in 2020 PharmaCielo was identified as a “Project of National Strategic Interest,” enabling the company to receive immediate support from the Colombian government in recognition of its economic contribution and importance to the nation.

CannaList Conversations with Henning von Koss, CEO – PharmaCielo

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