Can your IT Network Weather the Storm?

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Can your IT Network Weather the Storm?

When you have a business to run, you need a solid IT framework to support it and help it run smoothly. Many times we encounter issues that we can resolve on our own. But you should not take the security of your network lightly. It needs to be handled by professionals to ensure maximum protection from threats. The best way to do that is through white label SOC services.

A brief about SOC services

A security operations center (SOC) is a group of cybersecurity analysts and experts who handle cyber threats’ detection, prevention, and resolution. They take care of

  • Complete network security with constant monitoring – With a white label SOC partner, you need not worry about your network security guy being on leave. Instead, your network is monitored without a break to ensure all-around, 24-7 protection.
  • SIEM – Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a comprehensive approach to network security. It encompasses data collection from various sources (network devices, servers, etc.), analysis of the collected data, and detection of flaws in the company’s network to fix them and secure the network.
  • Cloud computing – In today’s world, the need for cloud-based services has grown exponentially. The driving factor is the availability of data 24-7 for use by the company, along with the added benefit of data security. However, cloud data is still stored on servers, and those servers need to be secured against data breaches. A white label SOC company helps to keep it safe from outside threats using its team of experts.
  • Evaluation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities – The number of cyber threats is increasing at an alarming rate every day. A white label managed IT services firm helps prevent your business data loss by acting proactively and responding immediately to any threat.
  • Compliance – Every business needs to comply with certain regulations for the safekeeping of its client’s data. A white label SOC company takes care of that responsibility giving the highest attention to the network compliance, simultaneously managing and eliminating the weaknesses in the network.

Employing your staff to attend to the network security measures might look like an easy option, but it comes with its fair share of costs and employee stress. Splitting that responsibility with a white label SOC services firm ensures that you cut down on your expenses. At the same time, doing this frees up your employees to be assigned to other tasks.

Can your IT Network Weather the Storm?