Can you make money as a beginner with affiliate marketing?
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Can you make money as a beginner with affiliate marketing?

Forget about what you may have read on a blog somewhere or what you may have picked up from a YouTube video. You can make money with affiliate marketing. That’s right! Regardless of your skill level, you can do it profitably when you start affiliate marketing.

When they started, many marketing influencers were such total noobs that they didn’t even know how to make HTML hyperlink tags for clickable affiliate links. It turns out that it didn’t matter.

They may not have the technical chops, but they had something that enabled them to make money with affiliate marketing: they were willing to learn. Eventually, it paid off for them. You can do the same!

Here are some ways to make money as a total beginner with affiliate marketing. Keep in mind that these are not set in stone. Feel free to experiment with them. Tweak them according to your personal preferences and how many resources you have.

But these suggestions don’t make much money. In many cases, you can use your mobile phone or existing computer equipment to produce the content you need to start making money with affiliate marketing.

Make reaction videos of content that involve products you want to promote

Reaction videos are very popular on YouTube. It’s easy to see why. People are just reacting to content produced by other people. Usually, they’re reacting to video clips or even meme images that their audience members already know about.

This makes reaction videos such an “easy way” to make content. Why? You are simply piggybacking on the existing fame or social media clout of the original producer of the video. Is this stuff even legal under international copyright law?

For the most part, yes. As long as you comment or give your feedback on the content you are watching; it is technically a commentary video. International copyright law provides an exemption from copyright infringement claims for people simply giving their feedback or commenting on somebody else’s copyrighted work.

The key to making money with reaction videos is to select your content carefully. It has to involve products that you would want to promote. For example, there are a lot of bad cooking videos on YouTube. Some of these home chefs make many mistakes that are hilarious if you point them out in your reaction video.

Maybe they’re using the wrong settings on a blender or just using the wrong mix of ingredients. They don’t know what they’re doing, whatever the case. That’s what makes these cooking videos hilarious.

When you’re shooting footage of your reaction to such cooking videos, please focus on the equipment that they’re using. You can also focus on the ingredients that they’re mixing wrong. Whatever the case may be, in your video’s description, talk about the equipment and why the cooking equipment or cookware you recommend is better.

Next to your recommendation is your Amazon affiliate link. When people click on that link and buy something, you are in a commission.

Make random commentary videos involving YouTubers and their reaction to books or movies.

These videos involve your reaction to somebody else’s reaction to somebody’s work. That original work could be a movie or a book. It doesn’t matter. The key here is to make your reaction focus on the book or movie that they are reacting to.

Describe the book or movie in the description box for your video and place your affiliate links next to the books or movies. How does this work? The key here is to look for somewhat famous or already famous YouTubers.

You shouldn’t make a commentary video on a YouTuber that nobody’s heard of. You’re not going to get many eyeballs to your reaction video. What you’re doing is you’re piggybacking on their existing fame. People are already looking them up on YouTube because they’d love to watch these famous YouTuber’s latest videos.

When you use their names in your video title, your commentary videos are more likely to show up on YouTube search results and get more eyeballs. The more eyeballs you get, the more likely people will read your description and click on your affiliate link.

Profile people on your contact list and market to them using your signature line

If you email a fairly large group of people regularly, you may be able to turn your email signature line into a part-time income. The key to pulling this off is to profile the people you email properly.

Is everybody under the age of 30? Does everybody seem to like a certain fashion? Come up with a common set of products or services these people might be interested in. Once you have a clear idea of what those products may be, join an affiliate program that sells those products.

But here’s the trick, you can’t just put your affiliate link on your signature line. That’s not going to work. A lot of affiliate programs specifically ban email marketing this way. Here’s how you avoid getting banned.

You need to create a provocative piece of content on a website that involves this product. Then, post a link to an eternal page within that short blog post or picture. When people click on that link, they get to a page where you talk about your promoting product or do a quick review.

Readers of that page have to click on your affiliate link to go to a page selling the product you are promoting. Once they get to that final page and place an order, you are in a commission.

The great thing about this three-page approach is that you’re not marketing your affiliate link directly on your email signature line. This way, whatever affiliate program you joined will not ban you. But, at the same time, you have to post your provocative content’s URL on your signature line and a call to action.

Don’t expect to get rich overnight. Don’t even expect to make sales quickly. Still, the more people see your email, the more likely they’ll get curious and click on your link. If they like your content and click through to the final affiliate page, they might buy something.

This is something that you passively do as you email people. Eventually, you no longer see your signature because it’s just a part of your routine. Still, this affiliate marketing technique can make you a little bit of cash.

Promote a PLR book on your email signature line

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. For example, some authors would publish a book and give you all rights to it in exchange for your money buying the book. Once you have a PLR book, you can change its author name; you can make changes to its content and add links to it. You can do whatever you want as long as you stick by the PLR rights and restrictions that go with the book.

The first step is to get a PLR book within the niche of the affiliate programs that you signed up for. For instance, if you signed up for a keto diet affiliate program that pays you $60 per sale, a keto diet book is a natural book to place that affiliate link in. Many PLR books cover that topic.

Buy a PLR book, add your affiliate links, change the name, and upload the free book to a free online storage service or file lockers like MediaFire and others. Then, when people see your email and a catchy tagline, they want to click on the link. After all, you’re advertising a free book.

When they download the book and they like what they read, they can see links that offer them more books or products that will help them with information or tips and steps included in the book. This is because there are so many ways you can make your affiliate links “sell themselves” inside the book.

The key is to distribute your book far and wide so that your link gets in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Besides your email signature line, you can promote your affiliate PLR book on social media. For example, please share it on forum posts or share a link to your free book on Facebook discussion groups.

The key here is to stay relevant. You can’t just drop a link to your free book and call it a day. You have to engage in conversation with people, and you’re offering the book link as additional content to what you already shared with the community.

Promote your affiliate PLR book through legit blog comments

Post real commentary on blog posts related to your PLR book’s target niche. Create an auto-response email address where people can request the book. Free email services like Gmail enable you to create an auto-responder system based on subject lines.

Create an email, post the auto-responder Gmail account you created, and specify the subject line that people who want to get the book need to send to that email to get an auto-response. The download will appear in the auto-response that they get.

The final word on making money with affiliate marketing as a beginner

Just because you are short on experience doesn’t mean you can’t make money with affiliate marketing. The free techniques that I’ve shared with you above can help you get started. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make money with affiliate marketing.

You can even use free blogs and page hosting services on the web to put together a completely free system for making money with affiliate marketing.

Can you make money as a beginner with affiliate marketing?

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