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Bulk SMS Service: To Take Client Interaction to Another Level

In earlier days, entering customer’s phone number one by one was a difficult task. Now with bulk SMS service, it can be done with a single click. With a rise in smartphone users, SMS service providers are actively engaging customers by sending text messages. It is an automation SMS service where Business people don’t have to re-write every same message again and again, as it is done by SMS service provider. It serves as an add-on to build brand value. Bulk SMS providers charge minimal amount per-message when sent to large audiences.

Bulk SMS Service: To Take Client Interaction to Another Level

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Business SMS is used for promotions, reminders and alert, feedbacks, personalized services etc. for example- bank provides reminder message of minimum balance, inflow-outflow of money through SMS service etc. Retail industries like Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, Levis etc. send messages in bulk about sales promotion. Food industries like dominos, pizza hut, KFC do the same. In a feedback system, companies send bulk SMS to all users for asking review about products and services and taking suggestions to improve the same. Personalized services include OTP, subscription-based services, notifications etc.

SMS providers, in general, buy high SMS packages from telecom providers and then deal with companies. They indeed send messages to business groups about registering with them for SMS services by explaining features and benefits of the service. It is more effective than traditional email system as it does not require an internet connection to receive a message. Another benefit of SMS marketing is that they have more opening rate/conversion then E-mail, as messages are short and crisp filled full of information.

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Popular SMS service provider like Alcodes, believes it to keep a simple and easy user interface which assists in establishing the communication channel between the business and customer.

For outstanding two-way interaction through bulk SMS service, companies should keep these things in mind-

  • Companies must have proper authorization. Customers must be using their product or services.
  • Short and clear message with call-to-action. No technical words should be used.
  • Act professionally by using customer’s first name in the message to gain attraction as well as interest to read full
  • Telling customers in a message that “If unhappy- unsubscribe by dialing xxxx number”
  • Wishing customers if registered on their birthdays, anniversaries etc. through SMS leads to customer retention.
  • Convenient Time in which all messages to be sent. The speed of delivery.
  • Share links to websites, videos, apps where they can easily interact.

Bulk SMS Service: To Take Client Interaction to Another Level

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