Building Businesses Together

Building Businesses Together - Our Success is Our Clients


“Mike has worked with several client referrals. He is the best for a true-to-point analysis of a business plan and its fundraising(or income!) potential. A super-smart guy that asks all the right questions.”

Madison Kilpatrick
Morgan Stanley

Still implementing everything you taught me—and it’s working! I understand a lot more about running my business and am experiencing why it works so well.   

June Armstead

Body Soul And Spirit Salon

“In two start-ups, I had opportunities to work with Mike. In both cases, he focused on the big picture and how to create more value for my businesses. The skills he brought were just tools for a bigger purpose – the relationship was the real value. He is one of the truly good guys in a brisk business – technology.”

Scott Slinker
President, CEO, Director,
Ten Square

“Mike is honest and upfront. He comes at you from different angles and lets you get a 360-degree view.”

Raj Neogy
West Coast Program
Manager, Training & Community Development at FoundValue

“I’ve only known Mike for a little more than a year, but he’s been straightforward, thoughtful, and friendly every time we meet. I referred a friend of mine to him with questions about her start-up business, and based on her glowing comments after that meeting, I plan on referring more people as often as I can.”

Brick Conway
Managing Partner, Iron Creative Communication


“Mike and I have worked together on several transactions. I find him to be responsive and easy to work with.”

Jennifer Schellenberg
Senior Vice President, Venture Banking Group

Building Businesses Together

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