Bike taxi app: A safer means of commuting amid the Coronavirus outbreak

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The bike taxi software has a broad scope in populated countries. In these countries, people prefer bike services as they offer an easier and faster means of commuting. Experts believe that on-demand Bike taxi development can become a competitor for popular taxi-hailing services like Ola and Uber shortly. Uber is currently doing 4 million rides per day. To expand its service/reach, the company is willing to partner with local players with a similar business model and would like to come on board their platform. On the other hand, Ola, which was launched in 2016, aims to partner with 1 million drivers by the end of this year.

Currently, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the demand for apps like Bike taxi has lessened. Developers need to develop a new set of precautionary features like Coronavirus trackers, safety badges ensuring drivers are free from the virus, and many more. Apart from these features, it would be better to upgrade the Bike taxi software with a set of advanced features. Users might like the revamped app, leading to an increase in demand for these services.

The advanced feature set of Bike Taxi app development solution:

  • SOS: It comes under the security aspect of app development solutions. Commuters can use this option in case of emergencies. When they use it, local authorities and their emergency contacts are notified to offer help.
  • Vehicle checks: Before the ride starts, the condition of the vehicle is checked regularly. This feature ensures commuters that the vehicle is fit to run, instilling trust among users to use these bike taxi services.
  • Real-time ETA: The artificial intelligence algorithm computes the estimated time arrival based on two factors. The first one is the distance between the driver and the customer. The second governing factor is the traffic congestion in that route. So the ETA is much accurate and assists users in planning their schedules priorly.
  • Trip Information: Once the ride is assigned, the users get information regarding the driver’s details and the reviews & ratings of the assigned personnel.
  • Split fare: In the case of carpooling and ride-sharing services. The riders can spill the fare amongst them using this feature.
  • Calendar Integration: This is part of the driver’s panel to note the customer request in the app’s calendar.
  • Flat prices: The prices for the rides are fixed, and even if there is any change due to unforeseen circumstances, the users are intimidated before the ride’s completion.
  • Multi-country: This feature allows app owners to launch their business in multiple countries in one go and accept payment in different currencies.
  • Book for others: The app allows users to book bike taxi services for others.
  • Geofencing: It marks the boundary so that the driver has a particular radius of operating. It allows drivers to accept more requests because of geofencing.
  • Team management: It assists the administrator in assigning the tasks to the employees. Using this feature, the admin can create a team, appoint a manager, and let them handle their zone using the Bike Taxi App Development Solution.
  • Number masking Disables the number display when the customer contacts the driver or vice versa on the bike taxi dispatch software.
  • Manage refunds: If they are any queries regarding excess fare, the users can post it to the manage refunds panel.
  • VoIP calls: This is part of the security features; it allows customers to call via the VoIP network instead of the mobile web.

Summing up:

People are finding it difficult to commute for their daily routines. The main reason for the inconvenience is many roads and areas are blocked as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of the deadly virus. There is a proper mechanism to inform people of these roadblocks. So it leads to delay in reaching their preferred destination. On-demand bike taxi software can lessen the burden for the people. They are taking the necessary steps to safeguard the customers and employees. Hence, this software will reduce the commuting burden for people across the world.

Bike taxi app: A safer means of commuting amid the Coronavirus outbreak

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