Best Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram
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Best Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram

We’ve shared those tips that can help you get more Instagram likes on your posts in this article.

First, use popular and relevant hashtags.

Hashtags play a crucial role in getting more likes on Instagram posts. So try to select relevant and popular hashtags for all your posts and add the pertinent maximum hashtags for each post. Other than that, you can also buy Instagram Likes Singapore to get more engagement in your posts.

These hashtags cause your posts to show up in the search or explore a section of Instagram, and other users find your post while they search for related hashtags and phrases and then like and share. Note that your hashtags should be exciting and searchable. So paying attention to hashtags is one of the main ways to increase likes on Instagram.

Add eye-catching filters to photos.

The eye-catching photo you post is very effective in making the post more visible and increasing likes. Filters are one of the factors that make your posts more popular. So try to edit the photos you want to post on Instagram using the best filters possible. To do this, you can use special applications for photo effects or so-called photo editing.

To learn about the best photo editing software for both Android and iOS platforms, you can read two articles: “Introducing the 10 Best Android Photo Editing Software” and “Introducing the Top 10 iPhone Photo Editing Software”. Of course, when a photo has an interesting effect, it is more visible, and, naturally, the number of views and likes will increase.

Publish posts related to upcoming events!

Posting the latest trending posts is another way that can increase likes for your Instagram posts. For example, when you approach a birthday or any other event, photos related to it become trendy. So posting photos related to that event on your Instagram page can increase likes. Some people even buy Instagram Followers Singapore, which subsequently helps them get more likes on their posts.

Of course, keep in mind that you have to choose the right hashtags for your posts to be visible in the Instagram search engine.

Post posts on a popular topic:

Experience has shown that Instagram users everywhere in the world are interested in specific topics. So if you can find those topics and post related to them, you will be more visible, leading to an increase in likes on Instagram.

For example, comedy videos that became popular on Instagram at one time, etc., are all topics that became popular at certain times. Try to identify these popular topics and link your posts to them as much as possible.

Be active!

The more active you are on Instagram, the more you will appear, and it is normal for the number of likes to increase on your posts. Liking the posts of people you don’t even know is one way to get more likes on Instagram.

This issue is similar to the rule, by liking a post, you will receive alike! Following people and receiving follows is another way to increase likes on Instagram. Also, try to leave comments under various posts and post appropriate comments. This will make other users see you and visit your Instagram page. So always be active on Instagram.

Connect your account on other social media to Instagram:

As we mentioned many times before, increasing the number of your followers can also lead to an increase in likes on Instagram. One of the most effective methods is linking other social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc., to your Instagram account. In this way, all your old friends will find you, and gradually as the number of your follower’s increases, the number of likes on your Instagram posts will also increase.

Use apps to gain likes on Instagram:

Although not all Instagram likes apps are good enough to perform, some effectively get Instagram likes. We recommend downloading and using one of the best software in this category while reviewing and researching.

These apps require users to like each other’s posts. This will increase the number of likes on your posts over time. Also, some sites and services receive a fee to increase likes on Instagram, which we do not recommend using unless you know and trust the service well.

Post high quality, artistic photos:

Another issue that can make your Instagram posts more visible and attract users’ attention is sharing technical and quality posts. Make sure the photos you post on Instagram are high quality and taken with a good phone camera. Also, artistic images are very popular among Instagram users.

For example, you can use effects like long exposure and other effects to make your photos more beautiful. So posting high-quality artistic photos is another effective way to increase likes on Instagram.

Promote your posts:

Promoting Instagram posts can also be effective in increasing likes. Of course, to do this, you must have certain conditions; for example, your account must be a business profile. If you’re looking for the best Singapore Instagram Followers, BFS might be your ideal choice.

Tag popular people in your posts:

If you can tag someone whose Instagram account is popular enough that they are at least more famous than you to tag your account on their posts, you will see a huge increase in the number of your followers and, of course, the number of likes on your posts. It has even become a way to make money, and many people are getting on Instagram to do it (tag other accounts in their posts).

Create a schedule for your publications:

Always try to publish your posts on your Instagram account on a pre-planned schedule. For example, try to choose the best times of the day to post a post, and don’t leave your followers waiting for you to see the post. So post on Instagram with good planning and scheduling.

Don’t forget Instagram stories and new features.

Instagram stories are popular among the users of this app, so try to post interesting stories in your account and thus grab the attention of Instagram users.

Also, always try to follow new Instagram updates and use the new features in your posts. This matter will increase your account visibility and posts and significantly increase the number of likes.

Best Ways to Get More Likes On Instagram

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