Best Chrome Extensions for Vimeo Video Downloader
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Best Chrome Extensions for Vimeo Video Downloader

Being one of the simplest web browsers, Google Chrome is used by most people to surf the web worldwide. However, while navigating through the sites and pages, if you ever stumble upon a Vimeo video that you believe would be helpful, it automatically becomes essential to get that clip on your local computer for offline viewing and sharing. This is where a downloading program comes into play. To obtain footage from Vimeo, you can use an efficient Vimeo downloader Chrome tool, an extension that can be installed on the web browser. That being said, listed below are some of the best Vimeo video downloader Chrome extensions for your reference.
1 Vimeomate
When installed, Vimeomate adds a download button to your Google Chrome web browser. All you are required to do after that is, go to the video you like, use the added button to inject the resolution options to the clip, and then download the footage to your local computer. As one of the best Vimeo video downloaders, You can follow the steps below to install Vimeomate and download any Vimeo video you need.
  • Click Add extension on the box that pops up to install the extension;
  • Go to the Vimeo video you are interested in, and click the Vimeomate icon at the top-right corner of the browser;
  • Click your preferred resolution from the proper section within the video player to begin downloading the Vimeo video in the selected quality;

If you need higher quality video, you can click “ext” and get more high-quality videos

2 Video Downloader for Vimeo
This one is simple to use. You need to click the extension’s icon on the video page after installing the extension, click the ‘Download’ button, pick your preferred resolution that you want to have the video in, and leave the rest to the tool.However, as it is already mentioned, not all videos can be downloaded due to copyright restrictions. You can install this Vimeo downloader Chrome extension and use it to obtain videos from Vimeo by following the instructions given below:
  • Install the Video Downloader for Vimeo extension on your Chrome browser;
  • Visit the video page that you want to download from Vimeo; click the Video Downloader for Vimeo icon from the top-right area of the web browser;
  • Click the Download button on the box that appears next;

Click your preferred resolution from the list to start downloading the Vimeo video

In case the video you want to download is embedded on a website other than Vimeo
  • Use Google Chrome to go to the webpage, and click the Video Downloader for Vimeo icon from the top-right corner;
  • Wait while the extension fetches all the videos and shows them in the popup box;
  • Click Download next to the clip that you want to download;
  • Choose your preferred resolution when the list appears to begin downloading the video.

Note: If the popup box doesn’t show any video to download, try scrolling the page down to the bottom or playing the video on the webpage, and then continue.

3 Video Downloader professional
Video Downloader professional is not limited to Vimeo downloader Chrome has. The extension can grab videos from many other popular streaming video websites as long as the clips are not copyright protected and are available for download. In addition to MP4, the tool also supports MOV, FLV, WEBM, MPG, AVI, etc., file formats. The instructions are given below explain how you can use Video Downloader professional to download videos from Vimeo:
  • Install the extension on Google Chrome
  • Go to the video page on Vimeo that you want to download, and click the Video Downloader professional icon from the top-right corner;
  • Click the Download button representing the resolution of the video you want to have on your PC;
  • Wait while the extension downloads and saves the video on your computer.
4 Video Downloader Plus
Video Downloader Plus enables you to download the videos from Vimeo in the resolution of your preference. However, to download the clips in 4K resolution, you must purchase their Premium subscription. Also, the description box of the extension’s official webpage explicitly specifies that it doesn’t support YouTube. Therefore the users are not to install the extension if they want to obtain a video from that portal. The method given below explains how to use Video Downloader Plus to download videos from Vimeo:
  • Follow the process explained earlier to install the Video Downloader Plus extension on your instance of Google Chrome;
  • Go to the Vimeo video you want to download, and click the Video Downloader Plus icon from the top-right corner of the Chrome web browser.

  • Click the Download button representing the resolution you want to download the video in and wait while the extension saves the clip on your computer from the next list.

Best Chrome Extensions for Vimeo Video Downloader

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