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With the kind of technology we have now, every business needs a strong online presence. Having a website, being visible on social media, and other online activities are effective marketing strategies that help establish your brand and bring in clients.

Creating a website and Facebook page for your chiropractic practice is an excellent way to start, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want more people to discover your clinic, you need to develop effective SEO strategies. Getting your site and pages to rank on the first page of Google’s search engine results page (SERP) should be your priority.

What is SEO?

SEO may sound intimidating, but its concept is actually simple. It stands for search engine optimization, which is the practice of optimizing websites, pages, and various content to rank high on search engines like Google. If your chiropractor site appears on the first page of search engine results, people will click on it because they know it has relevant, high-quality content.

By implementing certain SEO techniques, you can get more people to visit your site and pages. Eventually, these visits will convert to clinic visits. The concept may be simple, but achieving the goal is not an overnight thing. You’ll have to know how to apply the strategies to your online content. Hiring an SEO specialist is the ideal thing to do if you don’t know where or how to start.

Nevertheless, learning everything you can about these SEO practices will undoubtedly help increase your online presence and bring more patients to your chiropractor clinic.

SEO Practices That Can Help Your Clinic Get More Patients

Create and optimize your business website

One of the first things potential clients typically ask about is a business’ website. It serves as an extension of your chiropractic clinic, making sure it has all the information they need. It has to be attractive, so it will entice them to keep visiting.

Your website looks important, which means you should use the right typography (font style and size, among other things), graphics, high-quality images, and other visual factors. Ensure that your pages are not overloaded or heavy so they will load fast. Visitors do not like waiting for website pages to open fully.

Your website should also be responsive so that anybody who visits will have a convenient and satisfying experience. A responsive site or page means it is easy to use, adapts to and works on any mobile device, and offers a seamless user experience. Anybody who visits your site can use whatever device is convenient for them, and they won’t have any problems because it automatically adjusts according to their device’s size and resolution.

If you want your site to rank well on Google, do some keyword research and make a list of those that your potential patients might use when they search for chiropractic services. Use these terms in your content or create content related to them. For example, if the phrase chiropractor services are on the list, you can use it as keywords for an article about common chiropractic services.

List your business on Google My Business

Google My Business is a vital step for establishing your chiropractic business’ online presence. It is a tool that helps you share verified information about your business, so more people will easily find it. It also allows you to interact with existing and potential patients.

More importantly, getting your information on Google My Business will have your business listed in Google Maps, Local Finder, and Local Pack. These three are essential features displayed in search engine result pages. All are clickable and will lead users to your site or page. They help widen your reach.

These are the details you should indicate in your Google My Business profile: address, contact numbers, practice specialty, clinic or office hours, and a brief but concise description that include vital keywords. It is also important to have high-quality photos or images and a Google map leading to your clinic.

You can also share announcements, events, and relevant promotional activities.

Think local first

When you started, your neighbors and everyone who lives in the community where your clinic is located were the first to inquire about your services. Therefore, you should consider them your target audience. To get their attention, you need to find local search terms related to your community. Incorporate these terms into your online content, such as your website and social media pages.

To further strengthen your local campaign, join online local communities, medical or health directories, and forums. These venues provide you with opportunities to connect with different individuals and organizations. Additionally, these listings also allow you to share links to your website, therefore increasing your chiropractic clinic’s reach.

Use social media

Facebook has more than one billion active users, and Instagram has almost a billion. The majority of these users log in every day to check their newsfeeds and get updates from friends and followers. Create a social media page for your chiropractic clinic and establish a strong connection with your patients through daily interactions.

Post features on chiropractic care, products, and news. Come up with online specials such as discounts. Interact with your patients through Facebook promos and contests.

Throughout all these, don’t forget to use your keywords, add relevant hashtags, and share a link to your website.

Follow chiropractic websites and social media pages.

One of the best ways to get the latest chiropractic health updates is by following other chiropractor websites and social media pages. Look for organizations, centers, and local groups and connect with them. Whatever new learning and information you gather, you can pass it on to your patients through your website and social media pages.

Most of all, connecting with other chiropractors online – whether through their websites or social media accounts – will allow you to exchange relevant links.

If you want your chiropractic practice to attract more patients, follow the SEO strategies outlined above. To ensure that you’re doing the right thing, work with a professional and experienced SEO specialist.

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Best Chiropractor SEO Practices to Find Patients