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The world has been opting to buy wireless earphones since Apple first released its Airpods a few years ago. First, of course, wireless earbuds have the obvious advantage of not having to deal with entangling wires. In addition, wireless earbuds have a great overall structure and design of seamless usage, for instance, when one wants to multitask, especially in a fast-paced era like the present.

But not everybody can afford Apple Airpods, which is why you’re at the right place to know more about optimum, efficient, and best budget wireless earbuds that you could find. Many smartphone companies have started manufacturing wireless earbuds. Some options for buying the best budget wireless earbuds are list below:

Amazfit Powerbuds

Amazfit is a kind earbud manufacturing company that competes with international markets with its sleek minimalist design and optimum battery life of 8 hours. The sound is produced through 9mm drivers fitted with bass boosts that are great for listening to music. Additionally, they also contain PPG sensors that enable the earbuds to monitor heart rate and blood flow. It is a great combo when looking to buy health equipment that could be used to listen to music or podcasts while running. It is being sold at the current price of Rs 2,599/-.

RealMe Buds Q

A great addition to the consumer market among the best budget wireless earbuds is the Buds Q produced by RealMe. These wireless earbuds have great noise cancellation properties. It has a BlueTooth option that can be connected to devices instantly. Furthermore, it channels bass boosted sounds via 10mm drivers, producing astounding levels of noise cancellation coupled with great quality of sound. In addition to this, these earbuds also have a good battery life of 4.5 hours. The earbuds come in three different colors to choose from – black, white and yellow. It is currently being sold at Rs 2,499.

Noise Shots Neo 2

The Noise Shots Neo 2 manufactured by Noise creates powerful sounds using its efficient drivers. These earbuds fit perfectly with their circular form and carry a BlueTooth option with a range of 10 meters. These are some of the best budget wireless earbuds being sold at a minimum of Rs 1,999, currently available in Raven Black color.

OnePlus Buds Z

These earbuds have 10mm, drivers in each earbud, producing bass boosted sounds of great quality, further elevated with a Dolby Atmos panoramic sound quality. In addition, it has inbuilt water and sweat-resistant technology for the quality usage of the earbuds. Moreover, it has a great battery life of an impressive 20 hours. This pair of best budget wireless earbuds has a BlueTooth range that can connect various devices. These hydrophobic Bluetooth earbuds, available in White color, are sold at a current price of Rs 2,999.

Boat Airdopes 281

The TWS (True Wireless Earbuds) by Boat have 6mm drivers that produce good quality sounds. It is resistant to water and sweat, making it an efficient pair of earbuds for long usage. It has a great form that is ergonomic and fits into the user’s ears perfectly. These earbuds have BlueTooth v5.0 technology with a mic that can be accessed for communication as well. It is currently being sold in Active Black and Furious Blue colors at Rs 1,799.

Oppo Enco W31

Wireless earbuds with long battery life and BlueTooth that could be connected to various devices. It has advanced technology that makes it a noise-canceling earphone. These best budget wireless earbuds are waterproof and dustproof, making them efficient in having a long-lasting life. It is currently being sold in Black color at the price of Rs 3,499.

CrossBeats Evolve

These noise-canceling earbuds are produced in sleek designs in addition to silicon ear tips of different sizes to fit people ergonomically. Moreover, it has waterproof and sweatproof technology incorporated in it, making it perfect for workouts. The earbuds also have lasting battery life. It is currently being sold in Matte Black and Turquoise Blue colors at Rs 2,999.


This acoustically superior pair of earbuds manufactured by JBL has a jumbo battery life that can last 21 hours. The earbuds are equipped with 5.8mm drivers that produce bass-boosted sound and are ergonomically designed with a minimalist design. Moreover, phone calls can be attended to using the earbuds instantly using the high-quality mic set within it. It is currently available in Black color at a price of Rs.3,999.

There are various wireless earbuds such as these available for lower prices, and there is hope for good quality products in the markets shortly. Of course, the list is exhaustive, but these are the best budget wireless earbuds you’ll find at present.

Best Budget Wireless Earbuds

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