Benefits of Building Custom Company Online Store for Corporate Gifting

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Benefits of Building Custom Company Online Store for Corporate Gifting

Let’s assume you are doing great in your business. You are offering top-notch products, and your turnover is touching the sky. Now what? If you don’t want to lose the momentum, there’s one step that you should not skip – keeping your employees and clients happy.

Considering how common job-hopping has become today, you can be sure that your employees will sooner or later start looking for better opportunities at the first sign of dissatisfaction.

This is why companies spend big bucks on employee engagement strategies to increase employee retention.

One excellent way of doing so is through corporate gifting, where you celebrate your employee’s personal and professional successes and achievements through gifts and rewards. 

Do you know how you can take corporate gifting to the next level? By creating a custom brand store! 

Custom brand stores have become a crucial way for corporations to brand themselves. These stores cater to a large audience and help the brand reach out to more people than otherwise. 

But What Exactly Is A Custom Company Store?

A custom brand store is an online space where your firm may display its unique corporate gifting ware with its logo. Such stores are prominently displayed by many of the world’s best-known brands.

Branded merchandise is an excellent means to transform your customers, staff, and distributors into brand ambassadors. It’s also a terrific approach to boost staff engagement and brand awareness. What’s more, you can use it as a gift inventory for top performers.

Here are some examples from HCL’s and Google’s merchandise stores:

Google and HCL’s merchandise store
Google and HCL’s merchandise store

Another one:

Google Merchandise
Google Merchandise

See these companies flaunting their logos on their merchandise? That’s exactly what you should be doing too! 

But first, let’s talk about the benefits of building a brand store for your business.

Why should your company have a custom brand store?

Listed below are the reasons why you should consider doing so:

1. Brand Awareness Through Gifting

Do you want your brand to make a statement?

If your answer is yes, the easiest way is not with your business card but with corporate gifting! It will please your clients, dealers, and employees much more, and they will unknowingly act as brand ambassadors for your company.

Your merchandise will create awareness about your brand’s existence and generate curiosity among onlookers to try out your products and/or services.

What’s more, seeing your logo everywhere will make your brand familiar in the eyes of potential customers.

This will help build trust in your brand.

2. Enhance Brand Image

Choosing the kind of merchandise or accessories you gift makes your recipients perceive your brand differently. As a result, you can create a specific image for your brand in the minds of your target recipients.

For instance:

    • Do you want to create a fun-loving image for your company? Go with hoodies.
    • Do you want to create a more sophisticated appeal? Go with elegant diaries!
    • Do you want to come across as a company that cares for its employees? Then, give them thoughtful health and wellness gifts! 

3. Loyal Customers And Employees

By giving out daily use items to customers and employees, you create utility for them. And it builds a sort of loyalty in the users’ hearts every time they use your products.

Marketers strategically use branded merchandise or promotional products to gain customer loyalty. According to various surveys, most customers who receive branded merchandise are more likely to purchase from such brands in the future.

According to these surveys, consumers who receive gifts from retailers are more likely to purchase from the brand. This type of merchandise will also bring you, new local customers. 

According to another study, if a company gives away merchandise as a gift, one-third of customers will begin purchasing from a company they have never heard of before.

Quality branded merchandise can increase customer loyalty without requiring additional resources from the company. In addition, when compared to other marketing methods, merchandise can ensure loyalty in a short period of time.

4. Decrease Ad Costs

Instead of spending lakhs of rupees on ad budget, you need to get high-quality and useful custom brand merchandise and give it out to your target audience as gifts. This cost is much lower than digital marketing and advertising budgets companies usually allot to get results. Moreover, it may be more effective as it establishes an emotional connection with the audience (more on that later).

5. Boost Employee Retention And Engagement

A custom brand store can act as a gift inventory to easily reward your top-performing employees or recognize their valued efforts towards the company. In the current job-hopping environment, you can ensure employee retention by acknowledging your employee’s achievements and contributions and giving them valuable presents on key occasions–be it work or personal anniversary, birthdays, Diwali, or Christmas.

Corporate gifting is one of the top tactics companies employ to increase employee engagement, which lays the seed for trust and loyalty among recipients. 

6. Emotional connect

This type of marketing can help you establish a heart-to-heart connection with your audience. When they continue to use your products with your logo, they form an emotional bond with your company through your merchandise. They will cherish your gift, which aids in converting users to customers. These users are most likely to visit your organization and purchase your products at least once when necessary.

Build your custom brand store

Considering the many advantages a brand store offers for your company, it’s hard to think why companies shouldn’t jump on it the first chance they get. But it’s key to consider a variety of options and choose a trustworthy corporate gifting partner first. 

We’d recommend you pick a service where they give you additional features like a fully customized store with safe and secure technology, customer service, and a friendly return policy. Also, look for companies that offer multiple gift options like t-shirts, mugs, office accessories, health and wellness, gifts,  gift vouchers, etc.

The larger the inventory, the better.

So, what are you waiting for? Go partner with a trusted corporate gifting company and build your custom brand store today!

5 Benefits of Building Custom Company Online Store for Corporate Gifting