Backlinks Are Important to Improve Rankings

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It’s 2019, and if you’re looking to improve your Google ranking score, you need to step up your backlinks game. This page is the right place for you, as we are just about to unravel the most important aspects to consider when generating quality backlinks.

We are going to talk about why backlinks are so important and how they affect your website, keeping in mind that, like picking mushrooms in a forest, you have to be careful with your choice, and we will find out which are the good ones and which to avoid. You don’t want to poison your business, to say so.

We will also go over some of Google’s most important updates on their way of fighting bad quality backlinks and what to concentrate on when deciding which backlink strategy to implement.

What Are Backlinks and Why Are They so Important

Getting backlinks from well-respected and trusted sources feels like winning a casino bonus, as they basically tell Google that your site is worth a higher ranking, therefore, winning more visibility and ultimately increasing the traffic on your website.

To put it simply, backlinks are created when website A has an external link to website B; thus, website B gains a backlink. Now you should know that they basically represent a “vote of confidence” from one site to another; you can even call it “street cred” in the online environment.

Actually, in the top Google ranking factors of 2019, backlinks stand at the #1 spot. Now more than ever is the time for you to bring out the big guns and develop the strongest backlink strategy that suits your business. To better portray the importance, Google put in place a human review system for those that raise red flags, and they will put an actual person to review it and decide if it abides by Google’s algorithms.

It is highly recommended to earn backlinks from trustworthy, high-authority sites as they are much more valuable than the ones from dubious, spammy backlink sites. Your image depends on which sources you affiliate yourself with, just like in everyday life when choosing the right people around you is a critical aspect of developing yourself.

Which Backlinks Are the Best and How to Earn Them

Now, if you have a new business or you are just aiming for expansion on your keyword footprint, you may find it difficult to pinpoint the beginning of the process or what would be the first place to look for in order to start your backlink building.
A good way would be to research one of your well-ranked competitors and check backlinks that may have helped them. There are backlinks checker tools where you can learn about this, like Link Explorer.

Things That Can Impact Your Link Building Campaign

Link Score

The search engine giant has really improved the way they look at backlinks and how they judge the relevance of a page. Let’s find out what they base their calculation on:

  • The individual quality score of the backlinks.
  • The number of backlinks that your website receives.

So you can see that in this case, quality is as important as quantity when looking at backlinks, which also means that having too many low-quality incoming links will result in your website’s SEO being damaged. Don’t shy away from using a backlink tool to help you with this.

Keep in mind also the fact that Google doesn’t take into consideration if you have multiple links coming from the same domain. This is why it is important to have SEO specialists to do proper backlink analysis, ensuring that the number of linking domains is increasing and, at the same time, making sure that they come from relevant sources.

Pertinent Anchor Text

Wondering if a backlink’s anchor text has any impact on your SEO strategies? We can tell you right off the bat that it does bring value to it because it reports Google how relevant the backlink is; therefore, the anchor text needs to be diverse and natural.

Although there is no perfect formula for getting the right balance, you can check over here what the averages in the industry are:

Pertinent Anchor Text


If you plan to get a good backlink service and swim among the big sharks of the industry, make sure you are in line with the latest Google guidelines and algorithms regarding backlinks. You can use link auditing software that will help you with monitoring your website’s quality and quantity of backlinks, getting free backlinks from highly relevant websites from your niche, and disposing of poor-quality ones.

We would love to hear your stories/impressions regarding the subject in the comments. Are you applying a specific strategy to get high-quality backlinks, or it’s all the negotiation skills? Share your thoughts and help others find their way to better rankings.


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Backlinks Are Important to Improve Rankings

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