Apparently, we’ve been charging our phones all wrong!

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How long have you been using your phones? Decade? Well, we never even thought that we were charging it all wrong.

The start days of the phone’s battery are like a blessing. Everyone is seeking to get their battery to charge up to 100% whenever they plug-in.

Why is it said to charge your new phone to full before using it?

The expert’s opinions on our phone charging levels were discussed by Battery University through long informative articles. All to be answered by the pinch of useless myths we were all believing, and clear out the reality along with facts.

Full Charge:

Research has shown the electron tank in our batteries charged up to 100% again and again can damage the life-span and heat it up. The experts have disclosed the phenomenon of charging your phone over-night by publishing articles, news and used Web Content Writing Service to deliver the reality. The myth overtakes the idea that charging over-night might destroy the battery but the reality is quite opposite, the phone only charges up to the point when it’s full and if the battery reduces in some time it charges up again as the port is plugged-in.

The full battery is not required to be plugged in again when it drops down two to three bars, that’s over-charging. Anything which goes beyond the limit is never sufficient but, let get rid of the myths as well.

The cooler, the better:

Heavy and continuous use of phones might heat the battery which is not good at all. Even the high voltage is known as the destroyer and enemy of your phone. Try to keep your phone as cool as possible and not let it heat up. If you notice your phone getting warmer if plugged-in the port then, simply remove it for a while to get its temperature down.

The myth of using heavily after charging without regarding its warmness might get you to lose your phone’s functions. The decision of changing the original charger to some low brand might slowly destroy your battery because it’s not functioned according to your phone. The original is set-up with the accurate method to be used on the very phone.

The warmness of your phone while using because of certain reason will affect your skin as well and might damage its cells so, it’s smart to let it cool down before using it again.


The phone is plugged and it can be used while charging. That’s a big no when it comes to getting your battery up to the point of charging you desire. If you keep using your phone it will not only heat it but will drop and raise the bar continuously which can affect the life of the phone.

Let the phone charge in peace and try not to touch or use it when it’s charging. Keep in mind that your turbo power battery starts to age once you start charging it so expectations should be according to the facts.

Close the Apps:

The apps take a lot of juice while being used and if they are left open and you shut your phone they will still draw your battery because they are functioning at the back. this fact about closing your apps is taken lightly and people still complaining of the low battery percentage rate even giving the proper time to charge. Try accepting the facts and you might retain your battery to be used longer.

When your phone is plugged in your computer system or laptop you might want to press “Eject” before taking it out. It might destroy the apps and files within your phone as the proper separating process happens while ejecting it. Some apps might take a large amount of your battery percentage than you even consider.

Conserve Battery:

The myth of turning our phones off is useless is still a myth because it’s wrong. The experts have disclosed that turning your phone off could help conserve your phone’s battery. It’s a useful way to retain the percentages and it works completely fine. It’s like a bonus in the pay as no apps are functioning at the back or taking up the juice which increases the speed of battery retaining better than usual.


While buying a new phone we should always consider the product description along with specifications. Most of the writers are also focusing on technological myths being followed by a majority which are also being published rapidly through article writing services, research services in order to clear out the bad air. There are several myths even about our phone which never comes from an expert or researcher. Believing without using is soggy and never gives the end result properly. Consider the facts and you might retain more than you lost regarding your phones.

Author’s Bio:

Sara Hampton is a qualified journalist with an expertise in writing Press, Releases, and Blogs, Articles. Completed her masters in arts journalism from the School of Communication & the Arts from Regent University. She joined Content Majestic as a Copywriter and works in the department of product description writing services. She had started working with a renowned newspaper, regularly writing articles and creating killer headlines.

Apparently, we’ve been charging our phones all wrong!

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