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API Style Guides | Guidelines and Best Practices

API Style Guides | Guidelines and Best Practices

What are API Style Guides?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of tools and methods that allow developers to create applications, or add-ons, that work with the platform. For example, an API can provide a way for your customers to check their bank accounts or transfer money between their accounts. An API style guide is a set of rules and best practices that govern how you write your APIs and what they look like.

Are API Style Guides Necessary?

Yes! A well-written style guide will help you create high-quality APIs that are easy for developers to understand and use. This means fewer bugs, better customer satisfaction, and more revenue for your business!

What Should Be Included in an API Style Guide?

An API style guide should include: 1) rules about the structure of the code itself (e.g., use camel case instead of underscores), 2) guidelines for naming conventions (e.g., use PascalCase for class names), 3) tips for writing documentation (e.g., explain what parameters each function accepts), 4) suggestions on how to handle errors gracefully (e.g., don’t crash).

Now, look at the Infographic – API Style Guides and Best Practices. 

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API Style Guides | Guidelines and Best Practices
API Style Guides | Guidelines and Best Practices

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