All you need to know about Google Ads

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All you need to know about Google Ads

If you have ever heard of Google Ads, you will be curious about it. But, don’t worry as I will clear all your doubts in this article. 

This article will explore Google Ads, available options, and how it is used. So, continue reading to learn more. 

Google Ads

Google Ads is the paid ad platform for Google, formerly known as Google AdWords. Google Ads, as the name implies, you use this platform to place Google-provided ads in various locations. This is a kind of Google’s ad placement tool developed by Google. This online advertising platform lets you place ads anywhere.

With this platform, you can add ads to your website, YouTube channel, and many more places, i.e., when you offer your services and video content to your web users. 

Google Ad is owned by Google and is represented by the logo below;

Types of Google Ads

You can use various types of Google ads as given in the following;

Search Ads 

It includes text ads that will be visible on your Google search results. A Google search ad is just like a marketing communication. It helps advertisers to expand and promote their services on Google. 

Video Ads 

It refers to the video Ads. For example, the Ads that we see on YouTube before our searched video. 

App Ads 

It refers to the ads that help promote your app on many channels. 

Local Ads

These Ads are used to drive your customers or audience to a physical location. 

Display Ads

It includes the Ads in the form of an image on Various blogs, websites, or Gmail. 

How can we use it? 

We can see the use of Google Ads in many places. Sometimes, when we install an app from the Play Store, we see Google Ads in it. Similarly, when we do a Google search, we see some top results showing Google Ads. Even when you search for something on YouTube, you must visit one or two ads in the early stages of the video.

Business people use Google Ads to expand and promote their business. By doing this, they get the attention of more and more people. Start-ups and companies also use it to get customer attention and their branding. First, they make their video ads. Next, they create poster banner ads and then apply them to different places with the help of Google AdSense. 

As Google Ads is a platform where you can place ads, it helps promote any of your products, brands, and videos. You can expand your business and get more traffic, but you have to invest in this work. Google Ads offers several conveniences that you can use to suit your budget. You can use it while controlling your audience. For example, you can show ads to whomever you want. You can focus on your crowd. 

How does it work? 

With Google Ad, you’ll be able to show the world the valuable and exciting parts of your business. As a result, you can reach maximum traffic. You can get a lot of people’s views on your video or vlog, as in YouTube ads. In this way, you can get a massive audience for your offer.

It works with a kind of trade system which deals with users’ keyword research. Google Ads uses keywords and cookies. Here, people or advertisers create their aids and pay to advertise them. Your Quality score and significant amount matter a lot to ‘get’ more traffic. Your Quality score aids in the betterment of your Ad positioning place. Google ads display your ads when the audience searches for products and things similar to yours. Then, your ads will appear on such searches. It will enhance your audience and traffic for sale.

What is a significant amount?

Significant amount refers to the maximum amount of money you can pay for a specific action on your ad. A considerable amount matters a lot in your business promotion. Usually, a more significant large amount enhances the chances of your business promotion as it leads to better ad placement.  

How is Google Ads beneficial?

It includes google planner. It is a tool that helps select some search terms for their ads. After deciding your targeting search terms, you will need to consider whether it is high searched and if it is relevant to your targeted audience or not. So, try to use well-researched and high-volume keywords to expand your auction. 

Some specific, relevant, well-researched, empowering, captivating, and highly organized ads will ultimately lead you to reach maximum potential customers. You can increase it after getting a better response to your investment. 

How much does Google Ads cost?

Its pricing is variant depending upon the expected revenue that you are generating. So, if you are starting to place and run these ads, you should work with a low budget. 

In a nutshell 

To conclude, we can say that Google Ads or (Google AdWords) is a great ad placing marketing place that offers you many opportunities to promote your services, offerings, and businesses. You can run these ads in both areas, i.e., in google search engine results and non-search blogs. In addition, non-search platforms include video content or Mobil apps. 

All you need to know about Google Ads

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