Advantages of Online Learning + Printables Study Materials
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Advantages of Online Learning + Printables Study Materials

More students than ever before, are utilizing online learning to advance their careers. Particularly since the pandemic, online learning has become an attractive alternative to traditional on-campus learning. Whether individuals are looking to receive an advanced degree or a certification to help them reach new career goals, online learning can simplify busy professionals’ process. The online learning format, however, can make it more challenging for some to remain focused. This post highlights some of the key benefits of online learning and shares two printables designed to help students remotely stay on track with their studies.

Advantages of Online Learning + Printables Study Materials

Benefits of Online Learning

Learning online offers significant benefits to students. Taking courses remotely allows students to save money through lower tuition costs and reduced travel. Online learning tends to be cheaper as it requires less infrastructure, and there is no need to purchase space for classes to be held or to fill that space with desks or other materials.

Also, with in-person learning, unless students live on or near campus, they would have to commute to class. This requires time and money. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average daily commute time in the United States is 54.2 minutes. Instead of commuting, students can put that nearly one hour a day toward more time on their schoolwork, spending time with loved ones, or engaging in another activity they enjoy. In essence, online learning allows for more work-life balance.

Furthermore, learning online allows students to create a workspace that best meets their needs and can participate in the discussion or ask questions to feel less intimidating. Students may also have the opportunity to learn new technical skills and develop self-motivation and discipline.

Printable Materials to Support Online Learning

Printable Materials to Support Online Learning

Even though online learning offers many benefits and can teach students better time-management skills and self-discipline, it can make it more difficult, especially initially, for students to remain focused and on track.

Creating a study plan can help students get organized, stay on track, and improve learning outcomes. The weekly study plan and monthly study tracker from RentSpree, which you can find below, aim to help support students by having them track study hours and record learned terms and mastered concepts. Click the preview images below to download the materials.

Advantages of Online Learning + Printables Study Materials

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