Advantages and Disadvantages of Faxing Online

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Faxing Online

Every business owes its success to the smooth running of essential equipment, systems, and services. Faxing is one of the few services that have been around for quite some time, a reason many businesses have evolved with it, to use online faxing.

Online faxing can be defined as sending and receiving faxes through the internet without using or needing the traditional phone lines and fax servers.  If you have been thinking of making the switch but are not convinced yet, perhaps looking at the pros and cons of online faxing can help. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of online faxing are outlined below.

Advantages of Online Faxing

1.      It Is Accessible Anywhere

Unlike the traditional fax system where a fax machine or server was needed to send and receive faxes, such equipment isn’t necessary anymore. Online fax has made it possible for one to send and receive documents from anywhere on the globe.

As more and more businesses embrace remote working, and hiring teams from all over the world, online faxing makes it easier to send and receive faxes fast and securely to everyone on the team. Whether running a small business, a startup, or a large company, online faxing can and will help steer your business forward.

2.      Convenience

Online fax is considerably more convenient than emails and calls. This service eliminates the need to send documents via emails, and so is replying to emails and calls. Such convenience improves such workflow significantly, hence improved performance and productivity.

The fact that you can send a fax from a remote location means you can outsource services your company wouldn’t afford in-house. You can also rest assured that no data will be corrupted or lost in transit. The recipients thus receive the fax in its original and altered form.

3.      Paperless Sharing and File Storage

There is more to online fax services than sending and receiving documents. Most of these services will store your documents in digital form and create your paper trail in the cloud as well.  It is much easier to retrieve and send past documents this way than if you were to search through loads of paperwork and files.

Switching to online faxing also eliminates the need to buy printing papers. The business thus not only saves lots of money but also reduces its carbon footprint significantly. If you have been looking for better ways to make your company eco-friendly, online faxing is the way to go.

4.      Streamlined Contacts

Online faxing services have electronic signature capabilities. This makes it much easier to manage and keep contracts moving, especially for documents that must be signed and sent back. Some of the best online faxing systems will allow you to complete a legal agreement in just a few clicks.

This is unlike the traditional system where you’d have to print the document, sign, scan it again, and send it back for approval. The digital system has helped streamline such, meaning you can sign multiple contracts in a go.

5.      It’s Easier to Send Documents in Bulk

If you have ever used the traditional faxing system, you then know the pain of sending a document to numerous contacts. It can take hours before you can send a document to several dozen recipients with this system. Online faxing however allows you to enter all the recipients at once, then hit the send button. This makes sending faxes easier while reducing costly mistakes.

The Disadvantages

1.      An Active Internet Connection Is Required

As you might have guessed, you need an internet connection to be able to fax.  Sending one can prove a challenge if your connection is intermitted or you don’t have any connection at all. Nevertheless, with almost everyone having an internet connection, on their phones or at home, this shouldn’t be a problem for many.

2.      Your Contacts May Not Be as Equipped

Although you might have the best online faxing system, your contacts/recipients might not. Some companies still use the traditional systems, meaning they need to have the physical equipment to send and receive documents. This can make signing documents electronically a challenge.

Is Online Faxing Worth It?

The advantages of making the switch are far greater than the disadvantages. Nothing is perfect in this world. Nevertheless, embracing online faxing might just be the solution you needed to run your business more efficiently, improve productivity, and go green. Make the switch today.

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