A Guide to Instagram Growth Marketing

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A guide to Instagram Growth Marketing 


In 2023, Instagram’s monthly active users have increased to 2.3 billion. Users share their videos, photos, and stories every single day. It has been analyzed that over 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily. In addition, its users check out at least one business profile daily. This makes Instagram a beneficial platform for businesses.

You might be thinking about which hacks to follow for Instagram growth marketing to reach more customers.

All the answers to your questions are given below.

Let’s first discuss what defines Instagram’s growth.

A Guide to Instagram Growth Marketing

It is the number of followers you have increased on your Instagram account. But it would be best to enhance brand engagement and exposure to reach more customers. You can only do it by creating engaging content; otherwise, why would anybody follow you?

We have compiled the best Instagram growth marketing tips to engage followers. 


There are distinct content types and formats that you can share on Instagram. For instance, you can create Instagram reels and stories and post them once daily. Naturally, such a type of content post will increase audience engagement. 

But what should you post for Instagram growth marketing? Here are some examples:

    • Behind the scenes
    • Product photos
    • Video content
    • Tutorials and tips
    • User-generated content
    • Giveaways
    • Contests
    • Memes, and many more.

WordPress is a robust platform for building a functional and attractive website. Its features have the potential to integrate with any other online platform. For example, you can smoothly integrate WordPress with an Instagram business profile. 

There are numerous benefits of integrating Instagram feeds with your WordPress sites. These benefits are:

    • Precisely build an authentic brand personality
    • Add content with visuals 
    • Use content marketing and social media strategies, such as showing customer snaps on your website.
    • Automatically update your content and much more.

You can have outstanding WordPress support from a leading team if any problem occurs during integration.


You can write up to 150 characters on your “Instagram Bio.” Therefore, you must describe yourself crisply and shortly. This will let your potential followers know what business you do. 

Your bio should include a business description and a small section of your brand personality. Also, include website links and call-to-action.


You must maintain consistency while posting on your account. This will increase the interest and expectations of your audience. Your followers will not recognize your business if you don’t post daily. They might unfollow you until you decide to post again.

As said by an American Author – Tony Robbins (also known as Anthony Jay Robbins), “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

Any Instagram growth marketing strategy must plan out a frequency for a post. This will aid you in being on track. Therefore, plan out schedules and ensure you stick to them.


Another hack for Instagram growth marketing is- “WORKING WITH INFLUENCERS.” First, you must find the best influencer whose target audience is similar. Then, reach out to them and create a campaign reach advance your business.

There are numerous influencers, such as lifestyle, fitness, etc. You will have to observe their followers’ demographics. Also, you should know their main covering points. This will make you understand whether you have chosen the correct person to promote your product.  

A further step in this hack is to reach out to an influencer for a potential partnership. Most influencers add a direct email in their bio. This helps any person to contact them for collaboration. 

After your first outreach, you must give details about the media kit with packages and prices. Remember, a lower budget will only reach out to a few followers. After that, talk to them about the best ways through which they can show your product.

This is the best hack that works well. It brings authenticity and raises awareness about your product. And if you discount the influencers’ followers, you will get more sales. 


As said, “Your caption says it all.” It means you have said everything about the situation or your feelings. 

The caption is a big part of reaching more customers. You can write up to 2200 characters in your caption on a single post. 

Begin with a good first sentence to get the best out of your caption. Then, grab your audience’s attention and make them tap on the “See more” button. If you tell a story, always end up with some call-to-action.

    • Run Instagram Ads.

Using Instagram growth marketing, running Instagram Ads is another hack to reach more customers. Though organic growth is crucial, running ads will aid in reaching more people.  

You can run Instagram ads via the Facebook business manager. How? By linking your Instagram business profile with your Facebook page.

Some diverse kinds of ads you can create are as follows:

      • Story ads
      • Explore ads
      • Image ads
      • Reels ads
      • Video ads

Deciding which will go best with your Instagram strategy would be best. Put some ad budget behind different idThen, put and try split testing. After that, measure your progress on each campaign.

If some ads are simply not performing, pause them. Note that having some budget for the ads will aid your account in growing faster.

    • Use Hashtags

In every Instagram post, add up to 30 hashtags. They must be highly relevant to each new reel, post, or anything. 

You can discover the top hashtags by typing keywords close to your business into the search bar. We recommend you use highly relevant hashtags to maximize your content reach. 

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