A Guide for Agencies to Perfect Google Business Profile Optimization

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A Guide for Agencies to Perfect Google Business Profile Optimization

Claiming and optimizing your client’s Google Business Profile is one of the simplest and quickest ways to gain traffic and customers. Statistics show that Google received 87.3 billion visits in August 2022. For comparison, the world’s population is approximately 8 billion.

You probably have clients who want your agency’s SEO capabilities to improve their online presence. A Google Business Profile is necessary to ensure your client’s search visibility increases because it allows you to manage their online presence on the search engine. In addition, a Google Business Profile can also help you manage their online presence on Google’s other applications like Google Maps.

While a Google Business Profile is essential for improving your client’s brand awareness and search engine rankings, it’s particularly beneficial if your client wants to increase brand exposure.

It’s also not an alternative to your client’s website. Instead, it complements your client’s profile by giving it a public identity and increasing its online visibility.

Setting up and optimizing your client’s profile will ensure your SEO efforts pay off. If your agency doesn’t have the resources to offer organic or local SEO services, you’re missing out on an effective way to help your clients increase their lead generation. Outsourcing white-label SEO services to a white-label industry leader like Rocket Driver can help you offer these services to clients. The company was established in 2011 and has helped numerous agencies become formidable players in the digital marketing industry.

Check to see if they’ve claimed the profile.

If your client’s business has been operational for a while, they’ve likely already claimed their Google Business Profile. Similarly, if they’ve used other Google tools to complement their business, like the now-defunct Google+, their business will already be listed on Google Business Profiles.

If they already have an existing profile, you’ll need to claim it before beginning optimization. Some businesses might also have their profile claimed by someone else. If that happens with your client’s business, you can follow the steps listed by Google to reclaim their business profile.

Add important information

Once you’ve successfully claimed the profile, you’ll want to ensure you input all the important information for your client’s business. Google Business Profile allows you to add the business name, category, operational hours, and reviews to the profile.

You can also link your client’s website to the profile. Similarly, Google lets you link social media handles. Again, it’ll help increase credibility because customers will be more likely to order products and services from your client’s business if it appears legitimate.

Ensure that you find the best relevant category for your client’s business because Google has thousands of category options. You can also add a short description describing the business.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate category, Google will ask you to input the company’s physical address and contact number. Inserting this information is crucial because it helps optimization. This information is also crucial because it’ll help customers find your client’s business on Google Maps or contact them after finding them in the search results.

Users performing localized searches often have a stronger buying intent. For example, they’re more likely to visit a store within five miles to purchase a product or service immediately. As a result, filling out this information will help increase your client’s leads and sales.

Verify the profile

You’ll also have to verify the client’s profile before it becomes operational. Google will send a postcard via mail to the listed address. This postcard contains a verification code that your client will have to use to prove they own the business. It’s important to note that Google won’t show your client’s business profile until it’s verified. Likewise, you and your client won’t be able to access page insights and analytical information without verification.

Optimize keywords

Keywords are also important for a Google Business Profile. You’ll want to ensure you add important keywords and search phrases to your client’s business profile because it’ll help with search visibility when users search for them.

Use special attributes

Google also introduced special attributes to Google Business Profiles when they revamped the service from Google My Business (GMB) to its current state. Selectable attributes are available based on your client’s business category. For instance, if your client’s business is a restaurant, you’ll get special attributes like outdoor seating, gluten-free options, etc. Select the appropriate options to inform customers of what your client offers.

You can also highlight other attributes about your client’s business on their profile. For instance, Google introduced new features to highlight if a business is women-led.

Add photos

Adding photos can improve your client’s visibility. In addition, it can also increase lead generation and clickthrough rates. According to Google, businesses with photos in their Google Business Profiles receive 42 percent more requests for directions on Google Maps. Moreover, they get 35 percent more clicks on their official websites than businesses without photos in their Business Profiles.

Manage customer reviews

Customers can also leave reviews for your client’s business. Managing and responding to these reviews is essential for a proactive reputation management approach.

In addition, responding to reviews shows customers that your client’s business values their feedback and highlights their business values. Positive reviews also increase your client’s business visibility in search results.

If your agency doesn’t offer reputation management services, consider partnering with a white-label digital marketing agency to provide these services to clients. For example, rocket Driver’s white-label reputation management services can benefit your agency.

Utilize the product catalog

Google Business Profile also has a product editor that allows businesses to showcase their products. In addition, the product editor lets you include pertinent product information, including pricing, details, and photos.

The product catalog editor is only available for smaller and medium-sized businesses. In addition, it’s currently limited to specific business verticals. Larger businesses must use Local Inventory Ads to showcase their products.

The product catalog is crucial for optimization because it helps customers get more information about your client’s products without leaving Google’s search results page.

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A Guide for Agencies to Perfect Google Business Profile Optimization

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